The Kama’aina Experiences

we feel honored to call Hawai'i our home

We want to give back to the fellow Moms here in our communities as well! So we have created special special courses & workshops for you to experience our Creative Healing Magic!

Our Healing Experiences are all created to help Moms who went through toxic relationships & pain to heal effectively in a creative way!

Explore out what is happening below 👇 and we hope to see you in our next class!! 😊

To show our deepest gratitude, Mina has designed special courses & workshops for the Moms in our community in Hawai'i!

To show our deepest gratitude, Mina has designed special courses & workshops for the Moms in our community in Hawai'i!


bonding over picnics in the Nature over healing tea, treats & heartfelt conversations in this paradise setting with other like-hearted feminines who are also on their journey to step up as their best selves.

This is for you, if the following list resonate with you:

  • you are Local or visiting Hilo
  • you are an introvert
  • you are open-minded
  • you are a tea lover
  • you are a foodie
  • you like deep conversations
  • you like to learn more about personal growth
  • you want to release past emotional pain
  • you want to find your soul family
  • you want to gain self confidence
  • you want to discover your true worth
  • you want to create your own inner peace
  • you are interested in healing your heartbreak
  • you are interested in empowering your feminine side
  • you are interested in bettering your relationships
  • you are looking for a place to hang out & be fabulous together

Memorable Wandering Studio hosts online & in-person heart-healing workshops & masterminds to help you heal yourself through creative ways.

Mina will create a sacred space for you to explore deeper into your mindset, help you discover what have been blocking you emotionally to have the relationship you desire & connect with like-hearted people.

We will host picnics by the sea or at some other beautiful places outside,

donations welcome to help us cover the expenses,

feel free to bring your favorite picnic food to share.

The event may cancel due to weather conditions.

Prices vary for different experiences.

Each event is designed for small groups ONLY to create the best healing experience, so make sure you click the link to sign up & reserve your seat!

Looking forward to connect with you! :) 

In-Person Workshops

Survivors' Healing Circle

This is a by-weekly get-together for female survivors of abuse, led by Mina, who is a Self-Love Coach & an Intuitive Healer.
It is a safe space for you to talk & process your emotions, as she guides you through a simple practice to heal & de-stress.


The ART Of Radical Self-Love

This is a Creative Healing Workshop that aim to help women who has been through sexual trauma & became disassociate from their body.
Through the tool of Yoni Art, Mina will guide you to understand yourself, release. the pain and forgive yourself more.


Teen's The ART Of YOU Workshop

This is a special workshop created for teens. To help them understand their emotions better, become aware of their inner self-talks and peer relationships through our Creative Healing Method.


what you will gain from our creative healing workshops?

the creator's note

Since before I moved to the Islands of Hawai'i, I noticed the pain & resentment the islanders have towards the outlanders...

And this is completely understandable.

Being Natives here, to have their ancestors' land taken away, to have less opportunities for jobs, hoursings, and natural resources. As a girl from a small island of Taiwan, I understand.

But I also understand the travelers who moved here.

I understand the courage they had to overcome, the dream they have built towards this beautiful land...

As a family who moved to the Big Island during the pandemic, there were so much uncertainty & fear in the air.

It wasn't easy to take such a risky move here as a single Mom, but I knew in my heart, it was a leap of faith I was called to make.

So why did I choose to call Hawai'i Home? You may wonder.

Besides all the signs I received from the Divine, Hawai'i has been on my heart since the first time I visited Oahu, it was the energy, though back then I wasn't able to explain what it was that I felt in my heart...

And after moving back & forth the Pacific oceans for years, there is no other place that feels more like Home to me than here. And I am so happy to see my children thriving here playing in the ocean under the Sun...

And that is what made it sad when I see those hateful comments online telling the outsiders to go back where they are from. It is something that I'd love to help in our community... to restore more peace here on the Islands.

It is true there are rude people that disrespect others' life and I truly do see & believe most of the people on the island are kind & full of the aloha spirit.

It made me wondered in aww that we could live in Paradise and yet suffer inside...

And that reminded me of the reality of this world--

Most of us are putting up the front like we are doing "fine" and silently suffering inside, and sometimes, even our loved ones won't even know about it...

Is this how we want our children to live their life though? Pretending they are alright?

Or maybe as parents here on the islands we'd like to create that peaceful & harmonious place for them to grow up together-- beyond race, religion, political opinions & where we came from?!

Can we respect & show more kindness to one another as we all live here as neighbors?

Imagine what that would be like?? 😊

As a healer & a mindset coach, I will share this truth with you:

Our reality is created by what we focus on, believe in and feel on a consistent level, for that is just how our brain functions and how the Power of Attraction works.

And that is why I'd like to challenge you with this:

Can you strive to be kinder & caring person to someone who's different than you?

Can you start noticing the kind-hearted islanders that welcomely greats you?

Can you spot the businesses owned by newcomers that are helping to make the economy thrive??

To quote from my Mentor, Tony Robbins, "There is always something wrong, but so is what's right."

I want to challenge you to start focusing more on the beautiful & positive events in your everyday life,

and then notice what happens to the quality of your life! 😊💚

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind."