Most teenagers struggle to see their own worth

or feel truly confident in being themselves.

when you enroll your teen in

Legacy Teen Academy,

your teens will learn something creative and fun

all while start feeling empowered in themselves!

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Are you a Mom with a teenager who likes arts & crafts?

Are you a Mom looking for meaningful activities for your teens to partake in to learn more life skills?

Our Legacy Teen Academy is designed to feel like an exclusive virtual 8-week summer camp, to help your teenager discover themselves & becoming their better selves while participating in various mindfulness art and being in a community with other like-minded kids!

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What our students learned from Mina's class

-- Kandyce

"This course helps me recognizing what kind of energy I use for different activities. It helps me slow down to become more aware of how tense my body is on some days, how I am breathing and helps me feel much calmer. I also noticed my need to correct the "imperfection" in my drawing (and my life). On the days when my mind was all over the place, this practice gives me a mental break & be able to recenter & focus again."

Most teens are unsure of who they are, what they want in life, and what healthy love looks like. And this uncertainty creates a lot of anxiety in them, making them feel stressed and insecure-- aka vulnerable to others' judgment & criticism.

Not knowing what they truly want in life or their innate true worth, can lead them to a life of feeling unfulfilled or getting stuck in toxic relationships.

This Discover Yourself through Mindfulness Art virtual course is designed to make your teen feel like they are in a creative summer camp, it will teach your teen new creative & meaningful skills, being in a supportive community, all while start implementing these changes right at home!

This course acts as an exciting "call to action" for your teenager to embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and embracing a life of personal growth. Through the powerful combination of mindfulness techniques and creative activities, your teen will learn to discover their true colorscreate an inner sanctuary for themselves, and unlock their creative potential.

Aloha, I am Mina.

Who is Mina Love:

Mina Love is an artist, a photographer, an intuitive healer, a self-love expert, AND a solo Mom of two lovely children.

Mina started following her soul's calling to train & become a self-love coach after she ended a very toxic 11-year marriage in which her daughter was abused and so she became fully committed to finding the best strategies so she can show her daughter how to heal & not limited by her trauma. Her teenager went from angry, depressed, with suicidal thoughts to a girl filled with bright smiles, dreaming of a hopeful future & actively recovering 5 years later. (You can read more about their story in the International Amazon Bestselling Book: Entangled No More

Mina is passionate about helping others heal from past emotional wounds and break generational toxic love dynamics; but she does not want to settle in the usual personal development tools of meditation & journaling, so she combined everything she has learned in art, in energy healing & in her personal development training and developed her own methodology which she calls The Creative Healing Magic.

You can learn more about her here:

As parents, we are all afraid our children will end up with a toxic partner, but when we help our children understand LOVE in an empowering way and know their true VALUE, while offering our love & support, it would be impossible for them to settle in an unhealthy love.

Fear of the conversation on dating with your teen?

Worry they might get entangled in a toxic relationship? 

We got you covered!

Mina will prepare them with a healthy mindset on love in week 5,

sharing everything she wishes she knew about love & self-worth all while teaching your teen how to paint with watercolor! ;)

I created this course because...

Meet the girl who inspired the creation of this ultimate course for teens!

I am a Mom of a 16-year-old daughter, and, as a self-love coach who went through an unstable childhood with really busy & emotionally unavailable parents, I got married when I was 20 and was stuck in a mentally & emotionally abusive marriage (I know, right? I was a total mess!)

After my marriage ended, I became obsessed with wanting to know how I can avoid a toxic love and how I can become emotionally unshakeable in life. Through my training, I found my passion to guide others to heal & love themselves unconditionally.

I want to create a course with EVERYTHING I wish I knew when I was 18 and THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS I wish my teen would know that will be useful for the rest of her life all while participating in fun creative activities that she would enjoy!

I have met many amazing young girls through my teenage daughter and I truly want to help them not live a life of silent struggles & heartache like the one I had gone through, I have heard many stories from both my daughter and online about teens who are struggling with toxic boyfriends, harming their body and struggling to see what they deserve in love and in life because they don't value themselves. And I know from my personal journey that Self-Love is the game0-changer to help them empower themselves and live a better life.

and that is why This course will address the 8 questions

your teen is eager to find out right now

and Mina will share these life wisdom with them through many creative & useful activities:

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What your teen will learn in these 8 weeks:

Who TF Am I?

In week 1, your teen will start to discover who they are & who they want to be through the mindful art of healthy cooking! Mina will show them how to create a delicious Taiwanese style fried-rice with simple ingredients.

Life Skill: Healthy Cooking

How TF Did I Become This Person?

During week 2, your teen will start to become aware of what made them who they were and how to become a better version of themselves help them feel better through the mindful art of bedroom makeover!

Life Skill: Tidying Up

What TF Do I Want In Life?

In week 3, your teen will discover their passions that are valuable and will enrich their life through the mindful art of watercolor. Mina will use the Japanese concept of Ikigai to show them how they can live a life of meaning & joy.

Life Skill: Finding Passion

How TF Do I 'HUMAN'?

In week 4, your teen will learn how to create their own Mandala design while learning how to not pursue perfection & start seeing the effort they need to put in consistently to create a life they would love.

Life Skill: Overcome Perfection

What TF Is Love?

In week 5, your teen will learn what is healthy or unsuitable for them in love to prevent them from getting into toxic love while they learn to paint some flowers with watercolor.

Life Skill: Healthy Love Mindset

How Do I Love My Body?

In week 6, your teen will learn to accept their body, and love them as they are via the mindful art of styling! Mina will show them why unshakable confidence is created by self-love while working on becoming their best self.

Life Skill: Self Acceptance

What TF Is Friendship?

In week 7, your teen will learn how to identify peer-pressuring signs & people-pleasing behaviors and how to choose themselves first, so they can cultivate empowering friendships in life while painting with watercolor.

Life Skill: Choose Right Peers

FAMILY: It's Complicated AF

In week 8, your teen will ask your family to participate in an activity to help them learn the different personalities in your family so they can appreciate each of the family members more while they paint some cute animals!

Life Skill: acceptance+gratitude



And So Many Exclusive Bonuses:

The ART Of Asking

In this short training, Mina will teach your teen how to ask intelligently & GET CREATIVE in finding more ways to get more money to do what they love so you won't feel like a cash cow anymore!

Color Psychology

In this 1-hour training, Mina will show your teen how they can use the power of COLORS to transform their room & hack their emotions to overcome unmotivated or stressed states and enjoy their life more.

Timeless Fashion Guide For Teens

Mina will share this useful guide to show your teen how to express their personality and gain more confidence via dressing better for their body type.

How to deal with past hurts & let go of resentment within Family

In this bonus session, Mina will teach your teen the skill of seeing things from different perspectives & how to start letting go of past resentment to create a more harmonious family life for you!

Mina's Self-Love Advices For Teens!

Includes dating safety tips & more self-care practices to help your teen avoid the common red-flag behaviors in teen friendships & relationships so they will see their innate value and love themselves more!

Empowering Resources

This pdf file is a quick guide of free online emotional support & helplines to help you teen navigate through challenging times or have the resources to help a friend-in-need!

Private Access to our Members-Only Community! 

CONNECTION IS THE ANTIDOTE TO DEPRESSION. Mina understands many teens may feel socially anxious or isolated in today's technology-driven era to find & cultivate supportive & empowering friendships, so she has created a chance for the kids to connect with each other on Discord! This is also where they will submit their weekly creation, share their takeaways, receive support, and submit questions for the Live Session!

Monthly Q&A Discussion Sessions via Zoom! 

In addition to the course & group support, Mina will host monthly live discussions on Zoom, where your teen can connect with their peers in real-time, and receive guidance from Mina. These sessions are designed to help your teen know they aren't alone with how they are feeling and learn from one another to grow together.

And our limited-time Early-Bird Bonus!

How to create an art that stands out

In this 40-minutes bonus Masterclass, Mina will help you understand why some art are more eye-catching and even become timeless masterpiece while others get forgotten and WHY this knowledge can help you understand your value so you can let one-of-a-kind spirit shine as a Creator!

Imagine there are three Paths ahead For Your Teen...

They follow Your Footsteps In Life

And it is wonderful to have your children follow your lead in life, achieving more and faster than you have before- a dream all parents share; however, whatever emotional blockages & back habits you struggle with, they will be stumbling on them too. Unless you are actively in healing these common unhealthy coping mechanisms, your children will feel loss in the similar struggles they will face later in life.

But if you are healing actively and your teen is communicating and learning from you, this course may not be what your family needs at the current stagee, it may be better to recommend this course to a friend instead!

They Go On Their Own Path, But Feeling Lost

It is amazing if your children are courageous and bold enough to choose a path in life that is different than your family, however, these children tend to learn how to put up a tough face and struggle to ask for help later in life. Or worse, when they realized they were stuck in a toxic situation, they don't want to admit their faults in choosing a different path and having to deal with the heartache it comes with alone.

They Go On An 8-Week Guided Journey Filled With Encouragement, Tips & Life Wisdom

That You Wish You Knew As A Teen, So They Start Feeling More Confident & Empowered In Themselves!

Invest in this courses will guide them on their way in life, save them time from not getting stuck in life, showing them your support in their endeavors through actions, and letting them know you are on their side no matter which path they take in life-- all while making sure they are prepared with the mindset you did not have at that age and saving them the struggles and the heartaches.

Which path do you wish for your teen?

"The best investment You can ever make,

is an investment in yourself. " -- Warren Buffett

so gift your teen the guidance you wish you had years ago...

Taking my kids to see Kilauea Volcano on Big Island, Hawai'i

As a Mom...

I know you want the BEST for your children, and you would do anything to prevent them suffer the way you did and you would do everything to help them live a life of joy and fulfillment. I do too as a Mom, but I believe rather than teaching the children how to fish, it's even more EMPOWERING to teach them how to think like the fish does & how water flows and so they will always be able to get fish wherever they go in life!

And that is why this course is NOT LIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE SEEN BEFORE!

My intention is to create something interesting for these creative kids while teaching them how to become more mindful in life, how to discover who they really are and sharing some truly important ways of thinking that I wish I knew about-- like how to accept my look/my body as it is, how to navigate through the complicating relationships between humans to find the right friends and how to live with the family we were born into and are so very different, and help them see their INNATE VALUE through this process to see why they are lovable as they are.

So if these are what you want to prepare your teenager for...

click the image below to enroll them today!

What happened after you enroll? What if you don't like it?

Watch this FAQ video to learn more

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Our Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love this course as much as we do.

In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with this course, just email us within the first 30 days of your purchase and we’ll issue you a full refund!


I am not sure if this course is for my teen?

A.This course is designed for teens who enjoy creative activities and want to better themselves.
So if you have noticed your teen getting more and more curious in finding out who they are and what life they want, it's time to get them the guidance they need!

My teen has many activities going on, how much time is required to take this course?

A.The best part about this life-changing course is that it is a self-paced program so that it allows your teen to watch the training anytime they are free & from anywhere they are!

And this course is designed to skip the fluffy dream-building talks and teach them the key knowledge & skills they need to understand their past patterns & show them how they can design a more confident & empowered version of them all while learning life skills and doing creative activities!

What makes this course different than other online courses out there??

A.The truth is we have never seen a course like this before!
Most teen courses teach something that address one issue or teach one skill, where as this course is designed to address the big life questions your teen have about growing up all while teaching them through various mindfulness art practices to help these heavy subjective fun & interactive!
And to help them see that creating a life they dream of is a playful & ever-changing process!

Let's be honest, most teachers at school has not done their own inner healing work to overcome their own limiting beliefs to be be able to guide your children to boldly pursue a life they dream of. We have all heard of stories where people say they were suggested by their school counselors to give up on their "unrealistic" dreams and settle for a safe choice in life. And I am sure you wouldn't want your child to settle in life.

And many therapist and coaches offer awareness guidance or how-to classes to help the kids solve a specific issue they face as a teen, at a slow pace (as it takes quite a bit time to build up trust); but this course is going beyond the how-tos to teach your teen how to UNDERSTAND THEMSELVES BETTER IN 8 WEEKS so they will have the confidence they need to create the future they desire.

In this course, Mina is sharing everything she's learned to help your teen understand why they were stuck with who they were and offering them Creative Healing Magic practices to help your teen discover who they truly are, learn to appreciate themselves more, and so they can feel more confident in being themselves to create a life they enjoy more!

So what are you waiting for?

Is there a payment plan option?

A.Yes! We also offer the course with a 6 month recurring payments of $399!
Simply email us at title "Payment Plan", let us know which course you are investing in, then we will send you the link to enroll!

I am a Hawaiian resident, needing financial assistance, do you offer a special Kamaʻāina price?

A.Mina wants to give back to the community she calls Home to, so she offers a Free Beta Scholarship Program for struggling Hawaiian families.
Simply reach out to us at providing some financial proof along with your proof of residency and we will send you the details!

What is the TRUE COST of your inaction?

What do you WISH you knew when you were a teen? What did you truly care about? What heartaches and late-night struggles do you wish your teen would not have to go through?!

The true cost of not setting your teen up with the kin awareness to spot the toxicity in people, or give them the healthy mindset towards love and life is beyond a price tag.

And the true reward of them learning all these life skills while having fun being creative-- would be a treasure in their memory for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?

A Flower Does Not Compare Itself To The Flower Next To It, It Simply Bloom Beautifully & Unapologetically.

A Flower Does Not Compare Itself To The Flower Next To It, It Simply Bloom Beautifully & Unapologetically.

"Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept."

—Anna Taylor

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