Meet Your Guide

for your legendary journey of a lifetime.

Meet Your Guide

for your legendary journey of a lifetime.

who is Mina?

She is a Mother,

of 2 wild wonderful beings.

She became a widow in 2018, lost her partner to trauma, mental illness & suicide. After her toxic marriage ended, she went on a journey to find herself & invested in her personal growth. For her & her children, she was determined to find the keys to lasting Happiness-- Self Love & Progress.

Today, her life is far from perfect, as a solo parent, many days she is trying her best to achieve a balance in her life: juggling her career, her life mission, the never-ending battle to keep the house tidy lol, spending quality time with her beloved family & friends AND her own self-love routines.

But it is a beautifully messy life that she never got to enjoy before, through everything she has learned she now feels home in her body, feels peaceful & happy most of the time.

And that is why she is passionate about teaching mindsets about mental health awareness & she is a self-love advocate.

She appreciates all that she went through to regain her personal freedom & find that divine love within herself. This is the gift she wants to share with every woman.

Christmas 2020, two years after Mina's healing journey

her SUPERPOWER is seeing the beauty in everyone & everything.

A portrait from her days as a family photographer

a Photographer

Mina started out as a Mom-tographer in 2014, to capture precious moments of her children's childhood.

Later, she started taking more workshops & courses to become a professional photographer and started capturing portraits for Military families to help them preserve their treasured memories.

She also designed special event photograph experience for Navy functions in Japan.

But Mina soon realized her love in helping woman see their own authentic beauty.

an Artist

Mina has been doodling and has always been interested in designs, crafts, decors, and all sorts of things that make life beautiful.

She studied advertisement at Shih Hsin University for a year and Graphic Design at LuXun Academy of Arts for 2 years, she dropped out of college to move to the States and became a stay-at-home Mom for a decade.

She then creates art through cooking, and other crafts, like t-shirt design via online platforms.

Mina believes Arts allows us a safe space to express who we truly are.

an Alchemical Co-creator

Mina became a Reiki Master in January of 2021.

During her Reiki training she realized she has been a natural healer during her healing journey and how she can efficiently add more magic into her Creative Healing Methods.

She believes we are all naturally magical, especially when we become more aligned and connected with our true self & the higher source of Nature.

Mina has also

invested in many programs & courses taught by the World's leading thought leaders, such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, Mindvalley etc. to help her figure out how to update mindsets & change belief systems to make the personal development transformation process more effective.

Besides personal development learning, Mina learned many holistic healing techniques, especially in the past two years, she learned from many of the best International famous teachers to fill in the missing pieces that she needs for her own healing, lots of money & time was invested, it is her hope to design the best program for you so you can learn in the most effective way to transform into your best self all while having fun!

Art allowed her to create a sanctuary to heal & express herself, she believes Creative Expression is a skill we all can use to release our emotional blockages, it was her passion & her escape as a child, so now she wants to share this wonderful and often overlooked tool for self-healing.

For she did not know how to truly love herself, here she aim to provide simple creative tools to help you implement your own self love lifestyle.

Everything seems to come together in her life journey...

If you join us, you won't have to spend as much money & time as she had, or gone through the struggle of doing it all alone as she did, feeling as lonely as she had, here at our studio, we want to give you the experience we wish we had: acceptance, understanding, support, simple tools that will change how you feel about yourself, loving yourself like never before, and finding peace & joy within you.

This is why she created the Creative Healing Method & is super passionate about sharing the practice of self-love in ways that produce rapid transformation.

For she believes that life doesn't have to suffer,

and art isn't only for the talented few.

She knows that healing can be fun & we can

transmute our pain into our personal powers!

(Behind the scene) A quick selfie snapshot before having a blast shooting for a Divine Feminine Portrait Experience at a Retreat in Mexico.

Ready to Begin?

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along."

—Eleanor Roosevelt