Are you ready to Move Forward In Life?

Are you tired of trying to stay ALOFT from the overflowing emotional sea?

Are you Tired of pretending you've got it FIGURED out while feeling you are going

2 steps forward but 3 steps back?

Are you ready to say GOODBYE to

the emotional struggles

from a toxic relationship you left,

and show your children how Beautiful

your Life can be after such a heartbreak? ;)

You are invited to join us for a 5 Day LIVE Challenge

to help you move on with love after a toxic relationship!

Are you tired of Cookie-cutter kind of traditional healing tools 

that just aren't practical for Moms with Gen-Z children?

Are you desiring something more flexible & interesting 

to help you through the challenging & emotionally triggering personal healing journey?

Do you find it hard to keep up the repetitive healing practices?

I totally get it.

I am a person who needs flexible ways to do things.

(honestly, I can't even eat from the same menu each week in my house...)

I love creating dynamic & colorful practices that brings results 

to make the personal evolution process more feminine & enjoyable.

This experience is created for a strong solo Mom like you,

who is busy rebuilding a better life for your children after leaving a toxic relationship,

but is struggling to recover from all those emotional damages & wanting to be more present with your children.

In this 5 part mini series, 

you will learn the Top 5 Keys on how to start strategically heal your wounded heart 

so you can understand what kept you stuck mentally & emotionally in that toxic relationship you left, 

and how to have the emotional energy you need to enjoy life with your children! 😁 

This mini training will serve as a roadmap to help you 

see what you need to create in your new chapter in life

that will suit your unique family & lifestyle, 

and how to start rebuilding a deeper connection with your children.

(because you & your children DESERVE to feel joy again after everything you've been through.)

The 5 keys in this mini series are the framework I use 

for my upcoming Amazon Bestselling book-- The Art Of Moving On With Love,

it is the secret recipe I use myself for every level of my growth 

to help me heal from the deep betrayal & suicide of my toxic partner less than 4 years ago,

and what helped me find inner peace 

& create the strong unconditional love I share with my children today.

I specialize in making self-healing more practical & flexible for Moms,

with my Creative Healing Magic Method,

using my skills in art, photography & intuitive healing, 

combining my trainings in mindset strategies & traditional spiritual healing, 

to help you avoid the emotionally draining self-sabotaging cycles many people get stuck in,

so you can use your energy to create the new beginning for you & your children to enjoy.

πŸŽ‰ This mini series is designed for you to actively participate as a 5 day challenge, 

so you will only need to spend 30 minutes per day, plus engaging in a simple practice,

to start feeling the power of tiny shifts from the 5 gems you will learn in this challenge.

My intention is to help you see that Moving On (emotionally & mentally) from that toxic love

does NOT have to take years for you to see the change,

and that it is completely possible to start moving forward, enjoying your new life with your children

while you release the emotional burdens from your past.  

πŸŽ‰ The Challenge will start LIVE on June 29th!

(Feel FREE to join me any time & follow the 5-day-challenge formula for the best result.)

For only $11.11 you get all this!

Click this picture below to enroll in the challenge now!

As a Mom who suddenly became a widow after finding out the betrayal of her partner & lost him to mental illness & suicide in 2018, Mina fully dedicated her life to healing her heart & finding the keys to Inner Peace & Happiness in order to show her children how to bounce back & thrive in life.

She was trained by the world leading teachers like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & many other teachers, got certified as a Reiki Master, with her Asian Heritage as an intuitive Healer, she discovered the tools that are taught in many personal development programs & traditional healing teachings are either too repetitive, outdated or impractical for a Mother with younger children who is busy rebuilding her life & needing to be extra present for her children.

With her background in Art & Photography, Mina uses the power in Creative Expression & her natural intuitive healing ability as the bridges to fill in the gaps in other methods like spiritual healing & mindset coaching, and so, the Creative Healing Magic Method was created to help you strategically design your creative healing lifestyle to fit for your unique family and so you can optimize your precious free time & energy better for creative healing,

Because You DESERVE The Beautiful Life You Dream Of, And Your Children Deserve To Grow Up In

A Safe & Loving Home.

(Especially After All The Pain You've Been Through...)

You will get the first dip in

Mina's Upcoming Course: The Secrets Of Love!

in this fun 5-Day challenge!

"The best revenge is to move on,
and not letting what happened to you
make you hide your beautiful heart away,
or deprive yourself from feeling love & joy again."

β€”Mina Love

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