What if you went through another Holiday Season feeling disappointed?

What if you gave your all this Holiday just to feel empty emotionally again??

What if you lost your temper and made things worse between your family again??

Do you dream of a Holiday filled with more love & laughter & less stress, conflicts & drama??

These are the ultimate solutions you've been searching for subconsciously, and they can help you create that memorable time with your family that you always desired!

Moms' Holiday Collection- A bundle of everything you need this Holiday Season to feel calm & peaceful

only available during 11/25/22-12/1/22

This is an amazing bundle that includes Mina's complete Holiday Creative Healing Playbooks & Course. Together, they will get you emotionally ready for the hectic Holiday Season, so you won't over give to drain yourself again, and feel overwhelmed & yet unsupported again; instead, with all the lessons, strategies, & creative tools included, you will know how to reduce your sense of overwhelm, you will know what to do if unexpected event shows up to trigger you, you will know how to quickly recharge yourself so you can show up collective & relaxed as the loving Mom that you naturally are!

What is included in this exclusive bundle collection

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"Everyone one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves."

—Diana, Princess of Wales