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waking up on a Holiday morning, feeling at peace as you get up...

Imagine when things get crazy during the holiday break and you start to get triggered, but instead of losing it,

you simply excuse yourself for you have a book full of strategies and tools to help you reclaim your peace...

Imagine you feel drained but know you got a list of fun self-love activities to help you feel rechaged!

Imagine you noticing your teenager pulling away from the family activities but you know just what to do

as you now have a framework on what to say and how to improve your relationship, even amongst the Holiday chaos!


This Holiday bundle is created for:

Busy Moms who:

  • struggle with OVERWHELM due to perfectionism
  • wants everything to go your way
  • wants your family to be happy but you are overwhelmed
  • wants to connect with your teens more during the Holidays, BUT NOT SURE HOW...

not sure if it's for you?

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Moms' Holiday Collection- A bundle of everything you need this Holiday Season to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK FROM OVERWHELM so you can STEP INTO YOUR LOVING MOM SELF!

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  • Moms' Holiday Peace-Of-Mind Playbook: The most important tips on how to love yourself during the Holiday chaos and how to deal with those Holiday triggers so you can enjoy a peaceful Holiday with your loved ones.
  • This extended 80+ page playbook is designed to help you gain the clarity & strategies to cultivate a Holiday Season centered in your inner peace & the love for yourself, so you can share more love with your family.
  • There are 5 chapters in this playbook:
  • Chapter 1: What you really want to experience during the holidays. In this chapter, you will be guided by a series of questions for self-reflection, to help you gain the clarity you need to redesign the Holiday outcome that you truly want.
  • Chapter 2: Why it matters so much to you to have a perfect Holiday. In this chapter, you will be guided by a series of questions that are designed to help you understand why you do all that you do as a Mom and why it all matters so much to you.
  • Chapter 3: What was really in the way for you to feel more joy? In this chapter, you will be guided by a series of questions that are designed to help you identify the obstacles that are blocking your joy and how you can prepare & deal with triggers during the Holidays.
  • Chapter 4: How to create calm in the midst of chaos during the Holidays. In this chapter, you will have a lot of planning tools to help you better plan out your Holiday season in a way that helps you reduce overwhelm. It includes a December calendar, Holiday suggested checklist, menu plan, gift list, shopping list, a guide to making a successful to-do list, things to avoid, empty note pages, 
  • Chapter 5: Creative Healing ways to love yourself more this holiday season. In this chapter, you will gain many ideas to love & care for yourself even if you don't have much time at all!
  • Peace-Of-Mind During The Holidays: An Add-On Course For The Holiday Peace-Of-Mind Playbook, it's like Mina is personally guiding you for 5 sessions page by page! It is designed to help you follow through and finish the playbook as soon as possible! It'll feel like it's as if Mina is guiding you through the potentially triggering process page by page, as Mina explains beyond the short lessons on the pages, you get to know the behind the themes stories & thought process Mina went through to create this playbook and as she guided you through the creative healing tools included in the playbook. It consists of 5 training videos that average from 30-50 minutes, so you can really finish this course and the playbook in 5 days and feel more confident about how you will handle the Holiday emotional roller coaster in your life!
  • (Updated in 2023) Now The Playbook includes more Creative healing recipes to help you love and recharge yourself more effectively so you can LOVE your family FROM YOUR OVERFLOW!

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What is included in this year's Holiday Bundle?

And So Many Amazing Special Bonuses!!

The most wonderful part of all of our Holiday Creations is that you can reuse these tools again every Holiday Season!

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Each creation included everything Mina wished she had known a decade ago as Mom, which included the questions to help you understand yourself better, resetting your plan to better suit your family, and the strategies & creative healing tools to help you stay grounded & centered! 


Holiday Times are when memories are made in our children's hearts, so you really can't afford to stay stuck in overwhelm, and miss the chances to CONNECT WITH THEM before they move out!

With tis Holiday Bundle, you will get EVERYTHING you need to stay focused and show up as the LOVING MOM you want them to remember you by!!! 

If you have any questions, feel free to message Mina on Instagram @selflovemomofficial

and we also offer:



As with all our creations, this bundle is also covered by our money-back guarantee! (That is how much Mina is confident that you will love this creative healing experience!)

You can email us at alohaminagmail.com within 7 days (based on your receipt) by letting us know why it didn't work for you, filling out our feedback form, and then you can receive your full refund!

The Holiday Bundle is only available from 11/22-12/31 this year,

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having family drama & emotions get in the way of appreciating your time together as a Family, 


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"Everyone one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves."

β€”Diana, Princess of Wales