Heal Your Heart From Unhealthy Love:

The Art Of Letting Go with Love

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Virtual Mastermind. Limited Seats.

I know you are a badass woman.

You have bravely got yourself out of the toxic situation,

and you've rebuilt your life from scratch.

But deep down, you know you want more.

More fulfillment emotionally.

You crave freedom.

Freedom from being triggered & hurt from past events & people's actions.

The toxicity from the past makes you question your worth.

You desire to feel at peace again while living your new life with your children.

In this Mastermind Experience,

we will help you free yourself from your emotional baggages

so you can reclaim your free & loving self once again.

You will get to go on this adventure with a group of amazing & like-hearted women like you,

who understand what you are going through and are just as motivated for that personal freedom as you.

This virtual mastermind is held once a week for 12 weeks.

You will gain creative healing solutions to rebuild your life,

release your emotional burden out of your body & mind,

connect with your heart,

so you can create a deeper connection with your children.

Imagine a space where you no longer have to do everything on your own,

Imagine creating your own creative healing style fit for your lifestyle,

Imagine laughing & bonding with your children wholeheartedly,

And, feel relaxed & supported through our guidance on your journey to heal your heart &

reclaim your true power.

Imagine how you'd feel after truly let go of your emotional baggages & free yourself from the stories you are trapped in

Imagine how you'd feel after truly let go of your emotional baggages & free yourself from the stories you are trapped in? What would you do to feel that now??

The 3 Keys To Mastering The ART of Letting Go

1. Automatic Awareness System

When you become AWARE of your disempowering thoughts when it occurs, understand why things trigger you, and when you can reflect & grow using everything around you on autopilot, it becomes easier to not battle with your own critical mind.

Mindset Healing: Value at $1,999


Unprocessed emotions are the root of what is causing self-sabotaging behaviors.

Developing a CREATIVE way to process feelings & let go of old wounds will help you free yourself from that emotional baggage!

Heart healing: Value at $1,239


Learn the skills to help you feel deeply connected & shift how you see your everyday life is the key to create lasting change.
We will help you design a plan to transform into your DREAM self.

Soul Healing: value at $1,590

Don't Miss Out!

We will ONLY ACCEPT 6 spots for each live launch,

in order to go deeper & have plenty of quality time for each participant.

We don't want to waste your time.
We don't want to waste our efforts either.
We are committed to guiding you through your healing and helping you achieve the results you seek.

And so, we only want to work with the Empress who is excited & ready for change!

So reserve your spots now

to book a FREE connection Call

to see how our Creative Healing Method

is what you've been looking for!

Don't miss out!

If the seats are filled,

you can signup to be on our waiting list for the next cycle! :)

😍 wait! Look what other fun goodies are also included in this program!! 😍


The Empress Salon VIP Experience

Enjoy 3 Months of our weekly LIVE zoom meet-ups where we practice Creative Healing Magic LIVE!!
We will chat, enjoy various activities to show you how to implement healing into your new lifestyle!
It's time to get playful on your growth journey!

value at $4,400

Mindfulness Art 21-Day Project

As a BONUS, we will include our 21-Day program that will help you relax while training your mind to release control & become more aware!
Each video is less than 20 minutes, and all you need is a quiet space, a pen & a notebook!

value at $99

The Creative Healing A to Z PDF

Experience a new kind of journal/workbook that is designed to make the daunting self-reflection process less scary and more fun!
Special access for our clients only at this time!


One-on-One Coaching

Unlock this Special Bonus when you Paid In Full!

In this one hour One-on-one Coaching Session Mina, she will help you clarify your goals, help you design your life with the tools you've learned so you can continue your healing journey with more joy!


Imagine feel so confident in your own self, no longer weighted down by your fears & inner critical thoughts

Imagine feel so confident in your own self, no longer weighted down by your fears & inner critical thoughts? What would you do to feel that way?


Who is this Mastermind for?

How much time do I need to invest into this experience?

What will I gain from this virtual mastermind?

What materials do I need for this workshop?

Why are the seats limited to 6?


Who is this Mastermind for?

A Boss Lady who is driven to learn the creative healing solutions to strategically heal from a toxic relationship in order to optimize her time & energy so you can be a better mother for your children.

How much time do I need to invest into this experience?

This is a 12-week virtual mastermind,
and every week we will meet once a week for the healing experience,
and every Friday, you will have the access to join our BONUS VIP membership Experience where we will show you how to implement the creative healing magic into your daily lives.

Transformation takes time & effort and our goal is to make it more playful, who says healing can't be a ladies night-out!! ;)

What will I gain from this virtual mastermind?

You will learn how to strategically let go of:
● your attachment to your past story
● learn how to prevent you to get into another toxic love.
● how to shift your perspective & not take things too personally
● the misconceptions of how "hard" healing from heartache & doing shadow-work is.

And you will gain:
● How to finally move on with your next chapter of life with a lighter heart!
● How to start forgiving yourself
● How to start seeing your life in a new way
● And all the fun tools you can use to find joy in life again!

💖As a Special limited time bonus, we will include a 3 month VIP membership access to our Empress Salon Experience, so you can implement everything you've learned into your life!

What materials do I need for this workshop?

Once you sign up for the course, we will email you the checklist of recommended materials you'll need to get.

● Stable internet connection
● A device to access the virtual workshop site
● A small set of watercolor pencils
● Artist Brushes or old makeup brushes
● A Watercolor Journal
● Pen, marker, etc.
● A smartphone
● A light source or simple lighting equipment (such as a ring light + phone holder)

Why are the seats limited to 6?

This is a very powerful & transformative experience that we will go through together, as a Reiki Master, Mina will also infuse a lot of the healing energy into each session, a small group will guarantee a stronger connectiong experience.

Many of the things we will be covering are deeply personal, so we feel it is best to host a small intimate group for each cycle.

What Our Clients Are Saying


1 / 3

"I feel so empowered! Mina made me feel very beautiful and comfortable. She really helped me get more into my body and out of my head.

Through this experience, I am now more aware of how I judge myself, and after Mina's coaching, now I am not comparing myself to others as much.

I will gladly recommend this to every woman!"

1 / 3

"Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself."


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