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The Art Of Letting Go


Virtual Live Mastermind for Single Mothers to heal from the loss of a toxic relationship

Virtual Live Mastermind for Single Mothers

After the painful realization that the person you held dearest to your heart, the person that you thought completed you, turned out to be the biggest mistake of your life…

How do you move on from the past & the heartaches?

How do you deal with the overwhelming anger, sadness & leftover love?!

How do you heal & take care of your heart while being a single Mother??

In this intimate mastermind, you’ll get to go deep into your healing journey & learn how to let go of the pain and move on to regain peace in your heart.

In today's virtual age, our standards are raised, we want to go faster & faster, but the traditional healing methods are still almost the same.

In Mina's personal journey, she found there is a need to create something that incorporates our needs to understand why people do what they do & self-healing practices together to help women truly take their power back, creative expressions serve as fun tools in the bumpy journey to look deep into our past, and also as the bridge to anchor mindsets into the reality.

In this workshop, you will get to learn to grow with a group of amazing & like-hearted women,

who will also understand your pain & struggle than others around you

and learn new ways how you can release your emotions, reflect upon your inner thoughts, shift your mind towards gratitude, and forgive & love yourself.

This is a virtual mastermind, held once a week for 12 weeks.

You will learn the skills to connect deeper with your mind & your heart to raise your emotional resilience towards life's challenges ahead.

And feel deeply connected & supported with others on this journey.

Healing your heart can be as easy as ABC


We will help you identify where you are, understand your emotions, and how to hold space for them, and father how to release them in the way that better suits you.

Mindset + Tool: Value at $799

Beliefs shifting

Gain awareness on the truth about "reality", how to not take things personally, recognize your emotional comfort zone,
and how to take your personal power back.

Mindset + Tool Value at $1997

Create The New You

Learn easy & fun practical tools to help you shift your focus from negative to positive, and start making your life beautiful again!

Mindset & Tools value at $2999


Make Life Beautiful Again

As a BONUS, we will include the practical step-by-step ebook to give you more ideas & guide you through your self-healing journey.

value at $39.99

3 Month VIP membership

Join our weekly live zoom events where we implement Creative Healing Magic to the Max!! We will chat, party, once a month, we will invite a guest teacher to help you combine healing work into your new magical lifestyle! It's time to spice things up!!

value at $297


Who is this workshop for?

How much time do I need to invest into this experience?

What will I gain from this virtual mastermind?

What materials do I need for this workshop?

Do you have a question?


Who is this workshop for?

Females who left a toxic relationship and are seeking for a time-efficient & playful ways to heal, grow & practice self love.

How much time do I need to invest into this experience?

This is a 12-week virtual mastermind, and every week we will meet once a week for the course, and once a week for the BONUS VIP experience where we implement creative healing into our lives.

Transformation takes time & effort and our goal is to make it fun just like a woman's night-in!! ;)

What will I gain from this virtual mastermind?

You will learn the simple art of letting go:
● of your attachment to your past story
● of your old ways of thinking to lead you to that toxic situation.
● of how to shift your perspective & not take things too personally
● of the misconceptions of how "hard" healing from heartache & doing shadow-work is.

And you will gain:
● How to finally move on
● How to start forgiving yourself
● How to start seeing yourself & your life in a new way
● How to start trusting in others again
● And all the fun tools you can use to find joy in life again!

💖As a Special limited time bonus, we will include a 3 month VIP membership access, so you can implement everything you've learned into your life!

What materials do I need for this workshop?

Once you signed up for the course, we will email you the list of materials you'll need to order through our Amazon Store.

● Stable internet connection
● A device to access the virtual workshop site
● A small set of watercolor pencils, brushes & a book of watercolor papers
● paper & pen
● A smartphone for the photography class
● A light source or simple lighting equipment (such as a ring light + phone holder)

Do you have a question?

Contact us via our Instagram page and ask us anything!! :)

Don't Miss Out!

We will ONLY ACCEPT 6 spots for each live launch,

in order to go deeper & have plenty of quality time for each participant.

So reserve your spots now! And don't miss out!!

If the seats are full, you can signup to be on our waiting list! :)



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"I feel so empowered! Mina made me feel very beautiful and comfortable. She really helped me get more into my body and out of my head.

Through this experience, I am now more aware of how I judge myself, and after Mina's coaching, now I am not comparing myself to others as much.

I will gladly recommend this to every woman!"

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"Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself."