Understand what made you overstay in love

and How To Detox Your Relationships

- Introducing Our Signature Course -

Rise Above Toxic Love:

Master The ART Of Letting Go

so you can Break Free From The Toxic Love Cycle

As A Mom Who Left A Toxic Relationship

"What's wrong with me that i attracted such a toxic partner?"

"WHY would he betray me?!"

"How can I ever recover from this pain in my heart?"

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

In this course,

Mina is giving you everything she's learned from her research

plus providing you the ONE powerful healing tool that is missing on the market

to help you free yourself from sabotaging your love life.

It is hard to let go of someone you once loved dearly, even if they were not the best for you...

In this course, Mina will guide you on a journey to understand why you do what you do in love and lead you on a powerful emotion-release session using her Creative Healing Magic Method so you can approach love in a new & empowering way. 

During her search to heal her heart after her toxic & abusive marriage, Mina ran into many women who left a toxic situation but struggled to truly move on.

"It took me 7 years to finally feel safe enough to attempt dating again after my 14 year marriage ended." said Sarah, a woman Mina met at a wine bar.

"How do I trust again after that betrayal?" Laura asked online.

"I want to move on so badly but I don't know how!" said Hannah, a woman Mina met on a gathering.

Most people think moving on is about the external actions, like deleting their numbers, blocking them on social media, or if you are brave enough, drop out of all your shared social groups. But if you are still thinking about them, holding onto their every word, have you truly moved on?!

The truth is, if you do not become aware of WHY you do what you do, AND RELEASE those PAINFUL emotions out of your body, you can't truly LET GO, DESPITE how happy you try to convince yourself that you are.

Traditional healing tools like meditations & journaling can make very little progress during this stage of healing, it would take many sessions to take effects & reduce the pain for you.

Plus, it can be so impractical for a busy Mom who the kids rarely left alone!

Mina knows healing can be more flexible & playful, so she designed this masterclass to help you let go of that toxic relationship in a strategical & colorful way!

As someone who's been through a toxic relationship, Mina truly wants to help you free yourself from the past,

so you can become the woman & the Mom you are meant to be.

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This is the One-Stop creative solution

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to help you let go of the Pain From A Toxic Love

What's in The ART Of Letting Go:

Awaken Awareness Training

Most women stay stuck in the emotional rollercoaster after a toxic relationship. Without an awareness training, they keep getting back to the toxic partner or into similar relationships, unaware of how to free themselves.


Release Emotional Toxins Process

It is scientifically proven that trauma & emotions are stuck in our body, but traditional healing methods like meditations & journaling can take many sessions for you to feel its effect. Mina's CHMM helps you to release emotions quickly in one session.


transform Your attitude in love

Many women worry about attracting another toxic lover after a toxic relationship, unsure how to trust in love ever again and unaware how this all impact their children's belief in love, learn how to set boundary & approach love with more confidently.




Meet our creator & master coach

What our clients say about working with mina

What our clients say about our services

Andrea, a Mom in Mexico

1 / 3

"Working with Mina changed my perspective about myself, I can not believe how comfortable I was throughout, how much of myself I revealed, Mina made me feel very comfortable and it was fun! I got to connect with a different side of myself."

1 / 3

We deeply value your time & money, especially as Moms ourselves.

We are committed to helping you heal strategically offering you the amazing creative solutions we've created for you.

It means everything for us to see you discover what is truly blocking you from sharing that deep bond with your children after your toxic relationship, so you can focus more time & energy on creating the unshakable loving foundation with your family!

Click below to start releasing those overweight emotional baggages you're carrying from that toxic relationship! 😉


I am not sure if this course is for me?

A.Moms who left a toxic relationship struggling with the frustration, sadness, anger, hurt from the betrayal. And find these heavy emotions are stopping you from showing up as the caring & loving Mom you are.

I don't have a lot of free time as a busy Mom, how much time do I need to invest for this course?

A.This is a self-paced pre-recorded program which will allow you to watch the trainings anytime & anywhere you want!

You will have life-long access to (as long as we are still selling this program, and that also means you will also receive all the new update we add-on as we keep refining the course!

What makes this course different than other online courses out there??

A.The truth is after the deep betrayal of her toxic partner, Mina had spent at least $10k on online courses and another $20k on one-on-one coaching & thousands of hours online absorbing relationship advices to help her understand & heal her heart ASAP , only to find that most programs offer tools such as meditation and journaling out there, which are fantastic tools but will take a long time to feel the effects (and honestly, boring for woman with an active brain like Mina!);
The truth is our emotional pain (trauma) is stored in our body, (you can read the book The Body Keeps The Score to learn more), and that is why traditional talk therapy can take years for a client to finally open-up to release these strong yet heavy energy.

And many online relationship teachers & coaches were not able to help someone as stubborn & hopelessly romantic as Mina, to be able to truly let go of relationship until she understands.

And that is why in this course, Mina is sharing everything she's learned about why we are so drawn into toxic relationships and also offering you her super effective Creative Healing Magic tool for you to release the pain stored in your body & heart, so you can start focusing on becoming the Mom you dream of being & creating a loving family life with your children! 😉

Our Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our creations as much as we do.

In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with this course, just email us (below) within the first 30 days of your purchase and we’ll issue a full refund!

"The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward."

—Steve Maraboli

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