🎉 Official Book Launch Date: 6.29.2022! 🤩

We are so excited to announce that Mina will be releasing her first book this June!!!

"How can I let go of the pain caused by the betrayal from my partner?"

"How can I help my children heal as they grieve what they have lost?"

"How can I trust in love again?"

"How can I enjoy my new life when there are so much pain inside me?"

"How can I find my peace again?!"

Are these some of the thoughts in your head?

They were mine.

Moving On was harder than I thought but as an overachiever I wanted to look like I've got it.

I refuse to let that heartbreak be the end of me.

Can you relate?

A must read book for every Boss Lady starting a new life with younger children, to move on emotionally from a toxic love

Healing takes time...

so they said.

but how many people you know had lived many many years of their life with a broken heart?

During Mina's healing journey, she met many beautiful & successful women who shared with her

that it took them half of the years of their marriage for them to move on in life.

"No way I'm gonna let him take away another 6 years of my life, my golden youthful years", Mina thought.

And she became very dedicated & obsessed in finding the most effective & creative ways to

help her heal her heart & her childrens.

After years of nonstop personal development trainings & deep healing work,

Mina is excited to share everything that she's learned (that sticked) with you!

For she believes that the healing doesn't need to be serious & painful, just like what most believes about life.

She wants to move on her life with grace.

No matter how hard life was, we can make our life beautiful again

and pass down this wisdom with our children to help them become

unstoppably resilient & lovable! 😀🙌💖

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