Reclaim Your Inner Power So You Can Feel More Calm Amongst Life's Chaos

The ART of Moving On:

A One-On-One Coaching Experience

8 Weeks Intensive Virtual Experience

A Personalized Experience...

We create this sacred safe space for you to heal, process & reflect on the past, to prevent you from repeating the history again.

Together we will help you understand yourself better clarify what you want for your family, and design a personalized creative healing strategy that's interesting for you!

Create Your Own

Creatively Healing Lifestyle

For Your family

This is an experience that will be customized for you to identify where you are & create the next version of you in your divine power.

Sessions Include:

8 Sessions Of One-on-One Zoom Calls

Strategically Guided Creative Healing Coaching

to help you customize your self discovery & healing journey.

Fall In Love With Your Recovering Journey 💖

Every ambitious woman struggles to balance life as a Mom with a career, it gets even more trickier after a toxic relationship, dealing with intensified emotional roller coacster.

How we feel about our past greatly affects how confident we show up in life.

This is a transformative experience Mina created to help you start taking your power back so you can enjoy your new life with your children.

She will help you explore deeper into yourself to help you see your patterns from your past love, hacking your subconscious mind so you can heal better strategically with less effort.

We believe only happier Moms can truly raise Happier children & prevent repeating toxic behaviors that we learned & adapted from our upbringing & past experiences.

And we are passionate in helping you step into your most empowered version of YOU!

Only a few spots are opened up for June! Don't Miss It!!

most moms get stuck on certain stage of healing

and wondered why they keep sabotaging themselves or "attracting" toxic partners...

so Mina created the 5 Stages Of Healing

to help you understand

where you are & What You Need Help With

Who Is This Experience For?

This is an One-On-One Experience for the most driven & committed Ladies with school-aged children who wants a more hands-on & customized experience to effectively move on from the toxic relationship.

Mina will guide you through an 8 week process, help you understand your emotions & actions, teaching you how to optimize your self care practices along with providing you more accountability to ensure your success.

Mina wants to help you move on with love & feel alive again

in your new beginning!

The ALIVE Method is the framework Mina uses in her book & practiced over & over in her life

It's the roadmap of healing through different stages & chapters of life & to help you mindfully create a meaningful life.


Free Ebook

Get Early Bird Access to Mina's book so you can find all the references later on.


The 7 steps Process Course + PDF

With this rewatchable course + PDF file, you will be able to use this simple yet magical 7 step process to help you design & becoming your DREAM self!


Mindfulness Art 21-Day Project

A Mini Course that will shows you how to use simple doodling art to practice mindfulness & awareness (infused with Reiki energy healing), all within 20 minutes a day so you can start finding more calm amongst the chaos of life.


Ready to Begin?

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"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

—Coco Chanel

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