The Love Festival

The ultimate Self Love Retreat For The Hopeless Romantics

I claim this love!

Experience The Deepest Love

You've been looking for from within...

Experience the Love of a lifetime within yourself in this in-person 4-day retreat!

Imagine being in a supportive environment where you will get to be in nature, dress up, learn & grow with other amazing heart-centered women, rediscover your true self, your organic beauty, and your divine value to become more in love with yourself?!

Our retreat is designed to help you redefine yourself, practice letting go, forgiveness, and see your own true essence while bonding with other inspiring women experiencing different forms of art together.

And at the end, become more intimate within yourself, and truly find the love you've always desired.

As it is a very intimate & sacred healing journey, we will only take very limited spots at each live launch!

Don't miss your chance to get in & join us for the trip!!

This is exactly what you have been waiting for!

A playful, feminine, sensual, glamour way to practice self-love!

Don't wait and lose your chance to join our party this round!!

We are inviting you to join us on this magical & transforming journey with us...

Day I

Welcome & check-in in the afternoon!

We will meet & get to know each other over dinner, and enjoy a fire circle, face our shadows to break the bond with the past!

Day II

We will start the 2nd day early with a walking meditation to practice the art of slowing down, gratitude & how to tap into the infinite love vibration.

We will do some craft about forgiveness while helping you get your mindset ready for the new version of you!

Then after lunch, we will dive into your beauty block-- a rarely mentioned obstacle on your healing so you can reclaim your power back!

And of course, bonding over dinner time!


We will start the 3rd day with a flow movement, set goals for you to love yourself more, and write down how you are going to mend your relationship with yourself

Day IV

We will wake up & glam up for the Sunrise to enjoy a ceremonial portrait shoot outdoors (or indoors) according to the theme.

And enjoy a picnic before we head back to reality & continue the journey with one another virtually!

Step 2: The Virtual Mastermind

To truly feel effortlessly beautiful & blessed in your everyday life!

Continuing the journey virtually with your Clan

to go deeper in love with yourself...

In the Virtual Mastermind,

We will go deeper into the mindset and mental traps we often imprison ourselves in through our creative healing method to help you bring the practices into your daily life.

We will meet weekly online for a fun gathering, teaching, or discussion

and also submit one quick & simple creative work on our community page daily (on certain weeks),

for reflections & anchors in the practices to help you step into your most divine self.

Learn more creative ways to help you practice mindfulness, awareness, gratitude, & self love,

so you feel less anxious & stress in your everyday life,

and even, to call in the dream of your life!

What fun is packed in this masterpiece?

Month I:

The Pink Colored Glasses

What's more fun than practicing the art of gratitude with the skill to take professional-looking beautiful pictures with your smartphone photography?!

Why is it important?

When you see the world around you with a grateful heart, you shift your focus from the negative to the positive, and it will help you tap into the infinite love energy all around you & help you stay grounded.

And through this practice, you will master finding the silver lining in the challenges in life, one of the most important skill to own.

Month II:

The Wide-Angled View

You will get to experience our Mindset + Relaxation + Creation all in one program for 21 days, which will help you relax more, become more aware of your inner thoughts & overcome perfectionism.

Why is it important?

Month III:

Capture Your Shots

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Ready to party with us?




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"Mina is a wonderful woman, human, and photographer. I felt super comfortable expressing myself with her, also she was able to capt my essence in the camera. I love her work and her intention behind it.

Lots of love!"

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