Tired of feeling Triggered during the holidays?

Are You Tired Of Doing So Much To Create A Magical Holiday For Your Family

But End Up Feeling Drained & Unfulfilled?

This Guided Journal Is The Creative Solution You've Been Searching For!

This Holiday Peace-Of-Mind Playbook Is Designed To Help Moms Like You

To Reduce Stress & Gain The Inner Peace Your Heart Desires

So You Can Enjoy A Memorable Love-filled Holiday Season With Your Loved Ones.

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The Holiday Peace-Of-Mind Playbook

In this 80+ page guided journal includes these 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: What you really want to experience during the holidays
  • Chapter 2: Why it matters SO MUCH to you to have a PERFECT Holiday
  • Chapter 3: What was really in the way for YOU to FEEL more joy
  • Chapter 4: How to create calm in the midst of chaos during the Holidays
  • Chapter 5: Creative healing ways to love yourself more this holiday season

They consist of a series of strategically planned questions to help you gain clarity on what may be blocking you from having a deeply heartfelt Holidays with your loved ones, short lessons to help you understand the toxic beliefs in our global culture for Moms, and planning tools for you to use to create more calm in your December, creative healing tools to help you prevent & recover from Holiday triggers and ways you can love yourself more on-the-go! So don't wait any longer and get the Holiday Peace-Of-Mind Playbook Now!


Holidays can be so overwhelming for Moms, especially when you are going through healing, you can easily lose sight of what’s most important for your family as your To-Do list gets longer & longer. I struggled with my obsession with creating the “perfect holiday meal” for my family for years— having the house cleaned, decorated & all the food made from scratch… as the stress built up, my patience got thinner with my family. And in the end, even if our guests were happy, we weren’t really feeling super loving towards each other 😫

It wasn’t until a few years ago, I finally tried this ONE Key Thing before every holiday did the Holidays started becoming more fun & filled with love in our family— and strangely by updating my expectation & staying centered on my heart, I actually was able to have the Holiday I dreamed of having with my family with less effort!

During healing, it’s common to become more sensitive to everything negative, you feel everything on an intensified level that you never did before, and being around a huge group of people (and their unsupportive/disempowering comments) is A LOT to handle—

even if they meant it with good intentions.

You can easily feel triggered and if you don't have an effective way to regulate this stress, it can build up resentment between you, and also make your healing takes longer.

So I’ve put together all the mindset & strategies I wish I had 10+ YEARS ago from all that I've learned obsessively in the past 4 years

(including that ONE THING I started doing for my family)

to help you reduce stress during the Holidays

so you can enjoy magical moments with your family this Holiday Season!

These creative healing guided journals are available as digital PDFs,

so you can print out as many pages of the forms for a customized experience!

a SNEAK PEEK into our exclusive creative healing playbook

designed for moms who struggle with anxiety & perfectionism,

and of course, for moms who are healing from toxic love.

what's included in this creative healing playbook

Chapter 1

What you really want to experience during the holidays.

Are you aware that so much of what we think we wanted is actually conditioned by the mass media, product industries via advertisements and other influencing outside factors and not really our own?!


Chapter 2

Why it matters SO MUCH to you to have a PERFECT Holiday

If you don't actually know why you want something and why you do what you do, you can easily get lost in the busy-work and not actually investing your energy in what truly matters for your family


Chapter 3

What was really in the way FOR YOU to FEEL more joy

There are often things that get in the way that distract you from FEELING THE LOVE you desire, it may be a lack of time, energy, or a false belief about what must be done for you to feel good enough...


Chapter 4

How to create calm in the midst of chaos during the Holidays

In this chapter, I included many themed planning tools to help you plan for everything that's happening in order for you to feel less overwhelm & plan time for your own self care.


Chapter 5

Creative healing ways to love yourself more this holiday season

In this chapter I've included simple & easy ways to help you love yourself more during this busy season-- so you will have the energy you need to spend quality time with your loved ones!


a SNEAK PEEK into this creative healing playbook

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"The memories we make with our family is everything."

—Candace Cameron Bure

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