The Empress Circle $8,880

6 Month Weekly VIP Membership Virtual Get-to-gather

Join Mina's Inner circle!

An exclusive membership experience created for our beloved clients!

Reclaim your throne after a toxic love! Join our membership program for boss ladies who are rebuilding a new life w/ kid

We will reflect on the week together, share & connect.

Every week, Mina will host a different activities to help you release stored emotions & raise your vibe!

Let's sing, move, cry, or netflix & chill together all while healing your heart.

So you can feel recharged, supported, empowered & love yourself more & more.

Life is a journey of self-healing, self-discovering & self-evolution.

The common world told us that life is suffering and love is full of betrayal.

But we are going to help you see it isn't so.

You'll get to experience the activities that Mina use

on her personal journey to heal herself from the deep betrayal of her ex spouse,

so see how you can spice up your healing & keep the process colorful & interesting.

You will get to work hand-in-hand with Mina,

and tackle your own judgment,

healing your perfectionism wound,

and releasing our feminine sexual wounds,

to feel safe in your body, mind & soul again

while bonding in a pure-hearted space.

In this weekly virtual sacred gathering,

We show you how to optimize normal day activities like shows, movies, songs and home decor for awareness training, connecting with your heart while having fun reflecting & sharing with your Empress family!

Join our High Level Empress Salon to elevate our lives together!

What's Included?

Heart Connection

Once a month, we will gather for a virtual Heart Connection Circle, to listen, share, and support one another in life.
Proximity is power, surround yourself with other empowering & fiercely loving women and create a better world together for our children!


Creative Healing Magic

The Power of attraction is actually The Power of Resonance, meaning you will attract who you are & how you feel within, hance we will use the Creative Healing Magic to help you embody the best version of you!


Healing Strategy & Coaching

Mina will share useful strategy to help you overcome emotional obstacles on your path, group coaching as we work on meaningful life goal setting & accountability check-in! :)


Virtual Family Night!

Our children learn about life by observing us & the world around them.
There is no better way to show them how by inviting them along as you heal your heart & show/teach them how to think & reflect with the activities.



Who is this workshop for?

What type of activities will we be doing together?

What do I need to attend this workshop?


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is perfect for a Boss Lady who wants to heartfelt connections with other driven & purehearted ladies who also desire to create a better world for their children.

We will practice Creative Healing Magic & other activities weekly, it's a Ladies-Night-In with the meaningful purpose!

This also offers as a way to help you anchor the sacred practices you've learned from previous trainings into your daily ritual and with build-in accountability check up so what you learn can truly embody in everything you've learned.

The Sacred Membership Experience is only offered to the ladies who has joined us in our Mastermind or retreat experiences, this stand-along Sacred Heart Circle Membership will keep you stay in the uplifting & powerful healing environment after your trainings so you can continue growing into your elevated self!

What type of activities will we be doing together?

During the Heart Connection Session, we will be sharing & listening as a supportive group on our never-ending journey of self-healing & self-love.

Depending on what's happening astrologically, we will be using music, movement, ColorPlay & Conscious Media Consumptions together, like a book club to practice the Creative Healing Magic together!

During Family Night, we will do kid-friendly activities together and teach our children positive mindset and immerse them in supportive, accepting & loving environment (as we rarely come across in the real world)

During our Strategy & Check up calls, Mina will share some useful strategy to help you further along your path and we will work on meaningful life goal setting & accountability check in! :)

What do I need to attend this workshop?

You will need stable wifi connection, computer & a dedicated space to be alone for your Goddess Time ;)

Most important of all is to be open-minded, have the willingness to have fun & be open to connect!

"Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside."

—Elinor Ulman