The Art Of Aloha:

An Exploration of big island of hawai'i

+ a Self-Discovery Retreat

Spring 2023.

Limited Space Available, Inquire Now.

What To Look Forward To?

Day I

Welcome & check-in in the afternoon!

We will meet & get to know each other over dinner, and enjoy a fire circle, face our shadows to break the bond with the past!

Day II

We will start the 2nd day early with a walking meditation to practice the art of slowing down, gratitude & how to tap into the infinite love vibration.

We will do some craft about forgiveness while helping you get your mindset ready for the new version of you!

Then after lunch, we will dive into your beauty block-- a rarely mentioned obstacle on your healing so you can reclaim your power back!

And of course, bonding over dinner time!


We will start the 3rd day with a flow movement, set goals for you to love yourself more, and write down how you are going to mend your relationship with yourself

Day IV

We will wake up & glam up for the Sunrise to enjoy a ceremonial portrait shoot outdoors (or indoors) according to the theme.

And enjoy a picnic before we head back to reality & continue the journey with one another virtually!

We are all on a journey of self-healing.

We are on this beautiful ever-changing & growing process.

And in Mina's own journey, as an artist, photographer & coach/healer

she has discovered the power of self-expression through artistic activities

so we can speed up our healing & keep the process more interesting.

You will explore the "taboo" part of your body,

in order to transform how you see yourself radically.

You will get to re-examine how you judge your own pictures,

how you feel you must show up "perfect" in this world;

and paint a picture of your most feminine part-- your vulva-- to discuss the sexual trauma we share as

the feminine collective, so we can feel safe in our body, mind & soul again.

In this all-day in-person workshop,

you will learn powerful self-love & self-healing practices to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

We will cover the mindset, the practical & playful tools to help you see your body & yourself

in a brand new light!

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if you are interested in a private class.


Who is this retreat for?

Why painting Yoni/Vulva instead of other parts of the body?

What do I need to attend this workshop?

Can I host a private group workshop?


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is perfect for the boss lady who battle with insecurity, body confidence and struggle with residual emotional blockages from past traumas such, as unpleasant sexual experiences.

It is perfect for women who is craving a deeper connection with her body, mend the relationship with herself and wants to know herself more intimately.

Why painting Yoni/Vulva instead of other parts of the body?

The female sexual organs have been such a mystery, in fact, most women have never even seen their own yoni.

This is a part of our body that has long been overly objectified, sexualized and at the same time judged & shamed for. It is also a representation for how we have neglected our own needs to be seen & appreciated.

This workshop provides a safe space to open up the conversation about this topic that has been too tabooed to talk about in a healthy & empowering way past beyond shame & guilt.

By painting your very own yoni art, shed light on one of the most neglected parts of the female body, it helps you realize the vast diversity of its shape (each yoni is as unique as a different flower), this will help you work through some of your insecurities, accept and change the way we look at our bodies – and the bodies of others.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful part of the human body that helped us create the next generation!!

What do I need to attend this workshop?

If you are attending an in-person class, we will have all the supplies for you at the workshop!

If you are attending a virtual class, you will need a piece of paper, art supplies, or things you have on hand: such as old makeup, makeup brushes, pen & markers.

Most important of all is to be open-minded & the willingness to have fun & learn something new!

Can I host a private group workshop?

Yes! You can!
In fact, we encourage small intimate groups for our workshops, as long as you have 6 attendees, you may book for a private workshop!

In fact, when you book a private party of 6, all of your friends would get a discount too!

So, yes, we are talking about it'll be a fun girl's time to do something together, grow together, work on your own healing & connect all at the same time!
Yes! Let the party begin!!

Email us to inquire about dates available.



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"It feels empowering to look at my feminine part and create an art piece honoring it!

I LOVE this transforming experience!

I am proud of what I created, even though since having 3 children, I haven’t put that much time into my creative endeavours.

Mina is a true creative/artist! She is passionate about art, and the healing journey that is, for her, connected to art. Her instructions were clear and deliberate.

Now, I'm much more confident and comfortable with my yoni. Plus, I display my art in my bedroom"

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"Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside."

—Elinor Ulman