Selfie Love Virtual Workshop $222

Selfie Love workshop is teaching you how to love yourself more while learning how to master your selfie skill.
A good photo is better than a thousand words.
How to be content in your own body right where you are? This workshop is for you
The key to lasting happiness is self love. When you love who you are now, no one can get you down.
Where to find the right lighting for taking your selfie outdoor? You will learn our simple tips!
Knowledge is power, a woman who invest in herself is irresistible.
No amounts of makeup, clothes, designer bags & shoes will ever make you feel enough if you don't like who you are.
What is seduction? How to embody our sensuality while being present?
Are you ready to set yourself free & reclaim your power??
You don't need anyone to validate your worth, you are divine as you already are.
Ease into the glorious you that you are, the good as well as the bad.
Unveil to show the world your authentic beautiful self!
learn how to use selfie to market to your target audiences!

Do you always want to master your selfie skills?

Or perhaps, you are seeking a way to accept & love yourself more just the way you are?

In today's virtual age, knowing how to present ourselves on social media platforms is important whether it's for business or personal life.

In this workshop, you will get to learn the art of Smartphone Self Portrait in simplified ways to master the shoot-edit process & further use it to discover & express various sides & levels of yourself, to explore your inner thoughts, practice awareness, gratitude, and to love & appreciate yourself more with this mindful healing practice.

This is a virtual workshop, designed to connect deeper with ourselves while connecting us together as a woman.

Because, together, we are even more powerful.

What's included

Discover Who You Are

We will help you identify where you are, what makes you who you are & learn to appreciate yourself & your body/look where you are. Why you must love yourself first & how the art of selfie can help you anchor those mindsets.

value at $2000

The Art Of Self Portrait

Learn our simple & easy to remember ways of taking smartphone photos! How to set up for your shoot, and edit in a few steps without extra apps & filters.

value at $99

Claim Your Feminine Power

Learn how to use selfies to practice gratitude & mindfulness, so you can gain real confidence & show up as your best self!

$ Priceless


Redefine Sexy & Body Image

As a BONUS, we will discuss about the concept & beliefs about beauty and what makes a woman sexy.
With some practical teaching about posing & how to set up for your very own boudoir sexy shoot.

value at $499

Sell Your Authentic Self (PDF)

We will share a bonus pdf & worksheets on how to use your new selfie skills to present yourself authentically on the social media for marketing to help you connect deeper with your audience.

value at $199


Who is this workshop for?

Why should I learn how to take better selfie?

What will I gain from this virtual workshop?

What do I need for this workshop?


Who is this workshop for?

This virtual workshop is for you if you:
● want to be more authentic in your life
● want to know how to take better selfie to better present yourself in the virtual world
● want to practice self love, self-awareness in a different & creative way
● want to learn how to appreciate your body where you are, and how to take fool-prove selfies.
● are ready to stop shrinking yourself and ready to start shining your light!

Why should I learn how to take better selfie?

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Taking a picture of yourself can be tool to self check-in on a daily basis.

And let's be honest, we all judge ourselves because of the informations we received from the beauty industry and the cultural background we grew up in. And that is why it can be difficult to simply appreciate ourselves the way we are (some days more than the other)

By mastering the art of self portrait, it can help you get rid of the filters to connect with yourself more, express your authentic self and treat yourself with more Tender Loving Care :)

What will I gain from this virtual workshop?

You will learn the simple art of smartphone self portrait photography:
● How to find the light or set up lighting
● How to edit in a fast & simple way without additional apps & filters
● How to express yourself to show up authentically in images so you can still look fabulously in front of the camera no matter where you are.

Learn the psychology of why people use filters and how to change your mindset around it to free yourself!

💖As a Special limited time bonus, we will include a short video training on how to use your selfie skills for Marketing so you can better connect with your audience & clients in the digital world as your authentic self!

What do I need for this workshop?

A stable internet connection, a device to access the virtual workshop site, a smartphone at handy to use, some simple lighting equipment (such as a ring light + phone holder) for practice during the virtual workshop.

Coming Soon

This is workshop is only taking 6 spots for each live launch, in order to go deeper & have plenty of quality time for each participants.

So reserve your spots now! And don't miss out!!

"Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself."