If you are a Feminine Survivor of CSA,

you are invited...

to join us for a


bonding over picnics in the Nature over healing tea, treats & heartfelt conversations in this paradise setting with other like-hearted feminines who are also on their journey to step up as their best selves.

This is for you, if the following list resonate with you:

  • you are Local or visiting Hilo
  • you are an introvert
  • you are open-minded
  • you are a tea lover
  • you are a foodie
  • you like deep conversations
  • you like to learn more about personal growth
  • you want to release past emotional pain
  • you want to find your soul family
  • you want to gain self confidence
  • you want to discover your true worth
  • you want to create your own inner peace
  • you are interested in healing your heartbreak
  • you are interested in empowering your feminine side
  • you are interested in bettering your relationships
  • you are looking for a place to hang out & be fabulous together

Memorable Wandering Studio hosts online & in-person heart-healing workshops & masterminds to help you heal yourself through creative ways.

Mina will create a sacred space for you to explore deeper into your mindset, help you discover what have been blocking you emotionally to have the relationship you desire & connect with like-hearted people.

We will host picnics by the sea or at some other beautiful places outside,

we will have tea sets, napkins & a fine selections of healing tea for you to enjoy,

due to COVID regulations, please bring your own favorite picnic treats;

donations is highly appreciated to help us cover the expenses.

The event may cancel due to weather conditions.

Prices vary for different experiences.

Each event is designed for 6 participants ONLY to create the best healing experience,

so make sure you click the link to sign up & reserve your seat!

Looking forward to connect with you! :) 

Yes! I wanna join the next picnic!