Tired of feeling overwhelmed On Thanksgiving?

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This Guided Journal Is The Secret I Wish I had 10+ Years Ago!

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In this short 20+ page creative healing guided journal, you will gain the clarity you needed to discover how to feel less overwhelmed so you can actually enjoy your time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving.



Holidays can be so overwhelming. There’s more to do, and by adding more people into the mix, on top of your healing, you can easily lose sight of what’s most important for your family. I struggled with my obsession with creating the “perfect holiday meal” for my family for years— having the house cleaned, decorated & all the food made from scratch… as the stress built up, my patience got thinner with my family. And in the end, even if our guests were happy, we weren’t really feeling super thankful towards each other 😫

It wasn’t until a few years ago, I finally tried this ONE thing before every holiday did the Holidays started becoming more fun & filled with love in our family— and strangely by updating my expectation & staying centered on my heart, I actually was able to have everything I dreamed of having with my family-- with fewer conflicts & more heartfelt conversations.

During healing, it’s common to become more sensitive to everything negative, you feel everything on an intensified level that you never did before, and being around a huge group of people is A LOT— even if they are people who love you.

So I’ve put together A SET OF STRATEGIC QUESTIONS to help you find the true outcome your heart desires-- the CLARITY you will gain from these play sheets is what I wish I had 10+ YEARS ago!

(to reduce my stress during the Holidays)

Don't let the worries & stress of life take away the joy & love in your family this Thanksgiving!!

These creative healing guided journals are available as digital PDFs,

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and of course, for moms who are healing from toxic love.

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"The memories we make with our family is everything."

—Candace Cameron Bure

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