Online Courses & In-Person Workshops

Experience Healing In Creative & magical Ways...

As human beings, we all have this need for the constant novelty to keep ourselves interested & not bored.

And we all have a need to feel empowered through having choices to choose from.

That is why there are thousands of movies & shows to choose from on Netflex,

and so so so many choices in the Cheesecake Factory,

and so many stores in the mall to shop in.

So here we offer some mini-courses & workshops for you get a test of what we offer to help you become more self-aware in your life through our Creative Healing Method πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ’š

limited spots for in-person & online workshops to ensure the best experience for each participant.

"Healing is part of who we are & what we do, it is a process of discovering what we always are-- wholesome, powerful, beautiful
& unconditionally loving."

β€”Mina, Creator of Memorable Wandering Studio