Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are offering something different.

We are offering an innovative experience.

We want to teach you the tools that will help you empower yourself, help you speed up your healing process, and, make the process more interesting!

That's why we developed the Creative Healing Method.


Is Creative Healing Method right for me?

What is Creative Healing Method?

What makes the Creative Healing Methods different than other healing methods?

What if I don't consider myself creative?

What is the difference between a therapist v.s. a coach?


Is Creative Healing Method right for me?

We specialize for helping successful badass career woman with younger children, who went through a toxic relationship, who is struggling with:

● feeling stressed and irritated, but want to have more emotional energy to share more love with her children.
● trying many ways for healing but isn't getting the results or get them to stick.
● meaningless conversations & relationships are frustrating to you.
● not feeling in control of your emotions no matter what you do.
● keeping up the rigid & cookie cutter methods & boring healing tools.
● feeling confident in love again.
● experiencing more happiness & love with your children after the toxic love.
● making life beautiful again, emotionally.

If you are struggling with any of these and are ready to do whatever it takes, then YES!
We are excited & honored to help guide you through this emotional journey! 🤩🎉

What is Creative Healing Method?

It is a way of using the power of creative expression for healing headaches, in a powerful way most traditional tools require a long period of time to achieve so you can free yourself from the emotional baggages from a toxic relationship & enjoy your new life with your kids.

We believe life is meant to be fun & magical!

Our method combined many personal development concepts & spiritual practices and we implemented those into actionable creative exercises to help you release your stored emotional pains. and use it to help free yourself emotionally and demonstrate this to your children so they can become more emotionally resilient in the future.

What makes the Creative Healing Methods different than other healing methods?

Talk therapy creates a space to for a client to be vulnerable & vent to destress, it goes on the pace the client is comfortable with. The problem is most people takes many sessions to feel safe enough to open up, or they may get stuck in the same emotional cycle and so the process may take years for trapped emotions to be released.

Traditional spiritual workshop & retreat provides a safe environment for bonding & healing, but its tools (like long period of meditation) are often impractical for a busy Boss Mom, and without breaking through the limiting belief, the emotional pain may stay stuck for many more years.

Life Coaching guides a client through a process to learn more about themselves and the patterns they are stuck in, but not all coaches are not the same, many of which talk the talk without walk the walk, hence may not have the energy to guide you to free yourself emotionally.

Personal Development Seminars provide a powerful & inspiring experience but aren't personalized for the different stages of a healing journey, and it still does not provide a way for emotions to be released.

Our Creative Healing Methods was created strategically to blend the benefits of all of the above in cultivating a sacred space for healing & sharing, helping you connect back with Mother Nature, help you upgrade your belief system, change your perspective in life to more positivity and help you RELEASE your trapped emotions for a single past event in creative ways so that it will not take years or sessions to work through. And we aim to teach you simple actionable tools that you are either already doing or can easily do even if the kids are around!

It doesn't matter which way you chose, be aware of who you chose to help you heal yourself.
Pay attention to their personal life, how much healing have they done.

Make sure they have your goals & your best interest in mind, not just the money.

It's crucial to check if the guide's personal integrity & values are aligned with you.

What if I don't consider myself creative?

Our courses aren't about making beautiful masterpieces. Our goal is to help you see your own creative spark so you can create your own masterpiece in your life! 😉

We honestly believe everyone has their own unique creative power. It just looks different in everyone's life.

Artistic tools & creative expressions comes natural for Mina and that is why she used them as tools.

All you need is an open-heart, an open-mind & the curiosity to learn something new and allow these tools to help let go everything that is weighing you down!

What is the difference between a therapist v.s. a coach?

A therapist is a fantastic guide to help you see your past, reflect on it and process the emotions, and how you can deal with the present.

A coach is generally more focused on the present and your goal in the future. The point of coaching is to create an action plan that helps you change your behavior in some area of your life.

Here at our studio, we recognize most of what we do & how we feel are based on our past experiences, and so we will provide you tools to reshape the effects of the past to help you free yourself from it, and teach you strategies & creative actions to help you feel better in the present while getting closer to your goals.

The secret to lasting happiness is loving yourself, unconditionally.

Creative Expression is what we teach to help you experiencing those pant-up emotions and releasing it safely in art to heal youself.

Creative Healing Methods are about using creative expression to clear out our stored emotions & memories and turn your mess into masterpieces.

Ready to Begin?

We don't want to waste your time.

We don't want to waste our efforts either.

We are committed to guiding our clients through their personalized healing

and helping them let go of everything that is blocking them

so they can create what they truly desire.

And there are only 6 spots available for each Transformation Cycle

so, we only want to work with the Empress who is excited & ready for massive change!

If that sounds like you,

Click below & book a free connection call with Mina to see how the CHM can help you!

"You've gotta
dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

—William W. Purkey

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