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Self-Loving Practices

+ Mindful Parenting

+ Creative Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate Glow-Up

Recipe as a mom

Our Practical Approach To Healing

+ Feminine Approach To Personal Development Training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with yourself & your family

is what makes our coaching service so unique



Self-Loving Practices

+ Mindful Parenting

+ Creative Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate Glow-Up

Recipe as a mom

Our Practical Approach To Healing

+ Feminine Approach To Personal Development Training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with yourself & your family

is what makes our coaching service so unique




Feeling peaceful in your heart because you know how to love yourself creatively!

What does a Mom life that prioritize your self-care

while having a better family life with your kids worth for you?

As a Mom of 2, whose marriage of 11 years ended in a shocking toxic tragedy...

I was faced with the challenge of navigating through being a single Mom while grieving for my toxic relationship, I was determined to find a way to heal my heart & my children's hearts ASAP, so I went on a search to find the best & most effective healing tools...

I didn't have years in talk therapy to make some small progress, to stop feeling worried & scared of love, BECAUSE I NEEDED TO SHOW MY CHILDREN THE WAY TO HEAL THEIR BROKEN HEARTS EFFECTIVELY RIGHT AWAY; so I invested $$$$$, spent hours a day researching online, bought lots of self-help books & enrolled in tons of online courses, even though I received useful information in each of them; BUT I felt like none of them were designed specifically for a Mom who left a toxic relationship-- whose life was in a total mess and was constantly struggling with multiple areas in her life, living a life full of uncertainty & overwhelming emotions, with limited personal time and having a little human who NEEDS her attention & love MORE THAN EVER (especially during this recovery period).

Most courses & books ask you to use journaling & meditation to help you become more aware of your life so you can start making improvements. But honestly, I find these traditional practices can feel OUTDATED for today's fast-paced lifestyle, and they are honestly NOT PRACTICAL for a Mom whose nervous system is still hyperactive (aka in fight & flight mode) to be able to RELAX, it would take people like us years of practice to access the benefits from these traditional healing methods.

I had so much pain within me that I couldn't release at the time,

and I wished there was an easier way to heal that was more effective & natural for Moms.  

"I believe that Self-Love practices are the foundation of a peaceful & fulfilling life, for the more we love ourselves, the less we would tolerate being mistreated in life."

—Mina Love

Moms Need More Support

Especially During The Most Challenging Times

That magic didn't just appear out of thin air...

I am on a mission to

empower moms, women & children,

So you can rewrite the toxic relationship pattern in your family,

Show your children What Healthy Love Feels like

& Create an unshakable Bond with your children.


you can heal your relationship wounds from the root causes & implement an effective plan in a playful way so it doesn't feel like another chore

in your crazy busy Mom life!

Introducing My Unique

ART Process

That is the 3 pillars to Help You Empower Yourself In all of our programs!


Jennelle, a Mom from CA

1 / 3

"What I love about Mina is her authenticity. Mina is beyond professional in her work and she makes you feel confident, sexy and at ease / Mina is passionate about what she does and has learned from her life experience on how to best help women feel confident and sexy while being your vulnerable self at the same time."

1 / 3

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Looking for something meaningful & creative to do with your kids in One afternoon?

Join me & my kids for this very intimate mindfulness art experience!


To celebrate Motherhood, we created this 2-hour virtual workshop for you to enjoy with your children!

This beginner-level Mindfulness Art Workshop is designed for Moms who is on the journey to becoming their better self and wants to spend more meaningful quality time with their Mom or children this Mother's Day.

But this isn't just any art workshop. We'll be incorporating mindfulness practices into this creative experience to show you how you can stay present in the moment more in your life and fully engaged with your family in art-making. By combining art and mindfulness, you'll be able to tap into your creativity on a deeper level and create art that truly reflects your family's unique style and emotions.

So why wait? Sign up now for our virtual Mom & Me Mindfulness Art Workshop to make this Mother's Day one to remember!

what is the creative Healing Magic (Method)?

Feeling our emotions can feel scary, we believe creative expressions serve as a safe container to help us heal.

Feeling our emotions can feel scary, we believe creative expressions serve as a safe container to help us heal by releasing the wounds from our past so we can transform ourselves into our most empowered version of self and rewrite the story in our family. (ART: The Mermaid Who Drown by Mina Love, 2023)

Understand The Benefits Of Using Creative Expressions

As The Main Vehicle Of Healing & Self-Empowerment

Traditional talk therapy & journaling will require you to find the words to describe what it is you are going through, it can take time-- especially for a traumatic event. Our emotions are as deep as the ocean, trying to describe everything that we are going through is like trying to filter the ocean with a slotted spoon, so much of it can be lost in translation.

"Artists have been silently using art as a way to heal for years – consciously and unconsciously.

But how exactly does Art help in the healing process?

The creative expression used during a guided session allows you to explore your cognitive, emotional, physiological, and behavioral needs by non-verbally accessing components of your brain that otherwise may be difficult to access. To simplify, the art-making that occurs in sessions helps the creator process their needs visually, allowing those needs to later be processed verbally.

Dr. Siegel (2016) spent extensive time studying art and the brain. He found that art-making activates and strengthens neurons which creates structural changes in our brain, and this ability to change is known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity allows for changes to occur as synaptic pruning takes place, reducing neural connections that are no longer useful while strengthening those that are useful. Applying this theory clinically, a client recovering from trauma would find this process helpful in reducing symptoms of that trauma by creating art in a safe environment (in session), allowing for new neural connections to replace previously disruptive connections formed due to the experienced trauma.

Creating art allows you to engage with your body (that physically experienced the trauma) in a new and positive way

creating new, positive connections for your mind and body. While this only touches upon one-way art and the brain works together, it gives us an idea of how a process like this would be beneficial during healing."

-- from

Simply put, using Creative Expression as a vehicle can help you process your RAW EMOTIONS in a safe space (on paper, and guided by an intuitive healer initially), allowing you to get past your regular moral police filter ( aka the voice in your head that says things like: "I shouldn't feel this way", "I don't think they mean it...", "I should be more grateful that he/she"...), help you bypass your people-pleasing tendency of wanting to "be nice" or "do the 'right' thing" so you can finally allow yourself to FEEL AND RELEASE these emotions you've stored within your body that is stopping you from healing effectively.

Our Creative Healing Magic Practices also incorporate many creative strategies rooted in NLP techniques, personal-development training, and the concepts of energetic healing to help you become more mindful of your own disempowering thoughts and behaviors, so you can reprogram your brain to see life through a GRATEFUL lens through creative skills (such as our Gratitude Photography Practice), and truly empower yourself in life.

Our goal is to help make your healing & self-love practices part of your new lifestyle,

as well as a beautiful & meaningful experience to have!

Once the emotions (trapped energy) is released effectively in a safe environment, it allows you to heal naturally.

Once the emotions (trapped energy) is released effectively in a safe environment with the right guide-- with no negative side effects at all-- it creates the space for the emotional wound in you to breath & heal naturally :). (Art: Flaming Desire by Mina Love, 2021)

Want to know our Legacy Moms' secret on healing effectively & building an unshakable loving foundation with their children?

We Value Your Time.

And that is why we want to help you optimize your me-time so you will have more energy & love to share with your children.

We know our programs will help guide you through your healing in a more effective way so you can finally enjoy your freedom from that toxic love!

We are so sure that you will love our programs, we are happy to offer a money-back guarantee!

(terms & rules apply for each program.)

wondering why you got stuck in toxic love?

The common Beliefs Most Moms Have That Prevented Them From Healing Effectively

(and believing them will cost more than you know for your family!)

❌ They approach Healing as an item on the checklist rather than a new lifestyle.

As an overachiever, I know all too well the pressure we give ourselves wanting to fix our lives after a toxic relationship, but if we want to rush through healing OR accept passively that "healing takes LOTS OF time", it can make healing FEELS like it is a NEVER-ENDING CHORE, (and none of us like chores! 😅)

It can make you go through this self-discovery process feeling frustrated as if there is no end in sight,

Instead, what if you can embrace this transitional time as a wonderful journey to recreate yourself & build an even more solid emotional foundation for your family?

❌ They believe "life is meant to be suffering".

It is true our cavemen ancestors suffered a lot in life, fighting for their survival every day; But as modern humans who live in a convenient world, this limiting belief makes your brain laser focus on the events that were negative, which can make you easily feel hopeless about the future.

What's worse, accepting to see the world through this lens can make you MISS seeing those beautiful & amazing moments with your children, and make you (and maybe even your children) feel that a wonderful & happy life after a deep betrayal is an impossible dream. This belief is often passed down to the next generation and is one of the causes why young people suffer from depression.

Instead, what if you can develop a new belief you have about life, and own this new way of living, so you can teach your children and they will start to believe their life is filled with possibilities? 😀

❌ They believe that a strong woman means she builds the great wall of China around her heart to show no weaknesses.

Denying your emotion will not resolve them, instead, it will become a roadblock for you.

"Big girls don't cry", is how we were taught as a child to bottle our emotions when in reality, unprocessed emotional pains get stuck in our bodies (you can learn more about this in New York Times Bestselling book The Body Keeps Scores), over time, this has been found to be the cause to pain & dis-ease in the body.

And as a Mom, "faking it until you made it" will teach your children that the real them, with all of their natural emotions, are not welcomed & accept in this world.

Instead, what if you can learn creative ways to feel safe in your emotions, which will help you become emotionally resilient and so you can teach your children this super important life skill too?

What our clients say about working with Mina

Chimene, a Mom in TX

1 / 3

"Mina made me feel very beautiful and comfortable. She really helped me get more into my body and out of my head.
Through this experience, I am now more aware of how I judge myself, and after Mina's coaching, now I feel more beautiful and not comparing myself to others as much.
I will gladly recommend this to every woman!"

1 / 3

Can you imagine still watching old tv programs all-day

like in the 50s on your new 4K television?

that is what most of us are doing in our minds, viewing shows in black & white with outdated & old-fashioned NARRATORS commenting on everything.

of course, you wouldn't feel empowered!

and you are not alone in doing so,

I have certainly been there.

your outdated beliefs about love & relationships AFFECT:

how you see things in your world,

how you make meaning to the events,

how you feel about yourself

and eventually,

how you show up in love & in life.

To update these default programs your mind set up (since you were a little girl)

there is something BIG in the way...

It's your long-buried emotions

that you haven't processed in AGES!

they have hardened from you bottling them up all this time...

your self worth

is evaluated by your mind

based on your past experiences

& the emotions generated

which then becomes how you show up

in your life

Once you update your beliefs about your worth,

you would naturally:

  • DO NOT SETTLE for a toxic partner,

or put yourself in any toxic situation.

And healthy boundaries would naturally be set.

  • stop saying negative things to yourself,

you would have fewer inner conflicts and more inner peace.

  • stop over-giving,

and spend more time focusing on fulfilling your needs.

  • take better care of yourself,

and start becoming your naturally attractive & magnetic self.

  • remove the resistance within you,

you would effortlessly attract reciprocated relationships to you.

You Will Transform Your Whole Life

& the trajectory of your children's life.

We'll help you spot & clear out what's in your way through our

Creativity-filled Healing-focused

Magical Experience! 😉

Learn how to become mindful about your beliefs in love and how they've sabotaged you through our programs!

Let me be honest with you,

after investing in way too many programs, I realized most of them use THE SAME TYPE OF TOOLS such as meditation & journaling.

These traditional proven tools often take normal people years to discover & remove those inner obstacles.



I need something effective




so I can optimize

the ENERGY & my precious me-time

that I invest in any healing practices.

💖 💖 💖

And That is Why I Created

The Creative Healing Magic Method,

The Creative Solution to help you let go of all those emotional baggage so you can focus on creating your DREAM life with your children.

🙌 🙌 🙌

I like meaningful actions.

so I developed a way to practice the healing work with activities I already do.

things that are more interesting

so working on myself becomes fun, and something that won't create too much resistance within me.

Creative Healing Magic Method

is a way to transform yourself

while being a boss mom, and loving the process.

You will learn HOW TO HEAL your


to help you understand where your blocks are.

💖 heart:

to release the emotions that are hurting you.

💖 soul:

to feel the connection between you & the world around you, so you can feel truly loved from within.

We are passionate to help you let go of the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down & help you detox the mindset about love that you learned from the world, so you can focus on creating the life you dream of with your children! 💖

When you learn to appreciate & love yourself, you teach your children how to do that for themselves too! And that might just help prevent them getting into a toxic love like you did!

"Art can access parts of us that language cannot and even change the brain and the nervous system"

—Jeanette Bullock, ATR., MS.

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