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the 5 Mistakes You Can't afford To Make

As A Mom After A Toxic Love

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"WTF Is wrong with me?!"

was what I asked myself after I found out how F'd up my 11-year marriage really was. Even though that question led me to a quest to reflect on myself and heal my family, but it also created more insecurity within myself that I needed to heal later on.

And I don't ever want you to think it's your fault for being in a toxic relationship...

The TRUTH is NO ONE really taught us about LOVE?! So how would know!??

The more I learned about relationships and human psychology, the more I realized what we should all be taught at home, when we were young!

This page is a collection of the knowledge I wish I had known when I was a teenager, and because I want to help preventing you from getting into another unhealthy relationship again!

besides the information below, I have also created these resources

for you to help you heal creatively and effectively as a mom

Have you wondered why you seem to keep attracting toxic lovers?

Mina asked herself this same question and to prevent her own daughter from going through the same thing,

she went out to search for the answers that would truly break the generational love curse in her family.

Mina discovered that on most cases, there is a core belief you developed at some time in your life--

believing that you don't deserve more in love-- a belief that often comes from a series of events from childhood.

And that is why, no one else could talk sense into you when you fall in love with someone bad for you,

not your friends, family, or relationship coaches on YouTube could make you leave this person,

or you often get tempted to go back again and again,

hoping for a better result with the same type of lovers-- the ones who are emotionally unavailable.

You will never truly be able to heal from the pain & sadness of your heartbreak

until you gain CLARITY about what you truly want in love,

and feel safe to release the emotional baggage you've carried for so long.

So, if you're finally DONE with struggling in toxic love,

GOOD NEWS! You are at the right place!! :)

Please know this decision to change & heal yourself

is going to impact you & your children's overall wellness

and transform your family life.

What Are The 3 Reasons

ο»ΏThat Preveted Most Moms From Healing Effectively?

❌ They approach Healing as an item on the checklist rather than a new lifestyle.

As an overachiever, I know all too well the pressure we give ourselves wanting to fix our lives after a toxic relationship, but if we want to rush through healing OR accept passively that "healing takes LOTS OF time", it can make healing FEELS like it is a NEVER-ENDING CHORE, (and none of us like chores! πŸ˜…)

It can make you go through this self-discovery process feeling frustrated as if there is no end in sight,

Instead, what if you can embrace this transitional time as a wonderful journey to recreate yourself & build an even more solid emotional foundation for your family?

❌ They believe "life is meant to be suffering".

It is true our cavemen ancestors suffered a lot in life, fighting for their survival every day; But as modern humans who live in a convenient world, this limiting belief makes your brain laser focus on the events that were negative, which can make you easily feel hopeless about the future.

What's worse, accepting to see the world through this lens can make you MISS seeing those beautiful & amazing moments with your children, and make you (and maybe even your children) feel that a wonderful & happy life after a deep betrayal is an impossible dream. This belief is often passed down to the next generation and is one of the causes why young people suffer from depression.

Instead, what if you can develop a new belief you have about life, and own this new way of living, so you can teach your children and they will start to believe their life is filled with possibilities? πŸ˜€

❌ They believe that a strong woman means she builds the great wall of China around her heart to show no weaknesses.

Denying your emotion will not resolve them, instead, it will become a roadblock for you.

"Big girls don't cry", is how we were taught as a child to bottle our emotions when in reality, unprocessed emotional pains get stuck in our bodies (you can learn more about this in New York Times Bestselling book The Body Keeps Scores), over time, this has been found to be the cause to pain & dis-ease in the body.

And as a Mom, "faking it until you made it" will teach your children that the real them, with all of their natural emotions, are not welcomed & accept in this world.

Instead, what if you can learn creative ways to feel safe in your emotions, which will help you become emotionally resilient and so you can teach your children this super important life skill too?

The healing process can feel really messy, but with the right guidance, it can be a beautiful and empowering journey to help you love yourself wholeheartedly! (Art: Healing Bottled Blue by Mina Love, 2022)






Here are Some Common Questions Asked By Moms

Who Left A Toxic Relationship

20 FAQ about healing from a toxic love

Why do I keep going back to a relationship that was bad for me?

Why would my ex betray my trust?

Why didn't I see how toxic that relationship was?

How can I ever trust in love again?

How do I stop attracting toxic lovers as an empath?

What do I do when people judge me about my past?

I feel so ashamed about what happened, what do I do?

How can I possibly move on & start a new life when my heart hurts so deeply?

How can I find peace after the betrayal?

Why is it important to feel my emotions?

How does the toxic relationship impact my children?

What is wrong with me?

How can I prevent my children getting into toxic relationships in the future?

I feel guilty spending time on myself when my children needs me now more than ever. what can I do?

I feel so angry at everything all the time, how can I prevent myself from snapping at people that I love?

I feel so empty & numb, how can I feel joy again?

I feel like I've been cursed in love. How can I ever have a healthy relationship again if I've never experienced one?

how can I help my children heal effectively?

I am afraid it's too late to fix the relationship between me & my teen/grown children, is it possible to start again?

My children rarely leave me alone! What can I do to ensure I get the most out of the programs?

20 FAQ about healing from a toxic love

Why do I keep going back to a relationship that was bad for me?

Without awareness practices, you can keep getting into relationship repeating the same issues & struggles with a different partner, and over time, lose your hope in love and started to settle in situations that aren't good for you with partners that do not value you

Most of us never know what a healthy love looks like in real life, so we hold onto some fantasy we saw on TV, passively looking for a fairy-tale story. This can make you easy prey to a person who is good at masking their intentions, with mixed signals, leaving you waiting & hoping they'd change into who they once promised they were.

And if you are afraid of not finding someone else better, you'd over-stay in a relationship that isn't satisfying your spirit, coping through hoping (1) things will get better in the future, or (2) they will be how they used to be during the honeymoon stage.

To break free from this type of love dynamic it is crucial for you to take time to CLARIFY what is the relationship right for YOU & YOUR LIFESTYLE. And clearing out the emotions & beliefs you developed in the past making you believe you do not deserve what you desire.

Discover how to release the negative beliefs about love & the hurt from your past in our signature program: The ART Of Letting Go. So you can free yourself from the emotional burden of the past and start seeing love from a new perspective!

Why would my ex betray my trust?

The short answer is "Hurt People Hurt People".
No one was born into this world wanting to hurt others intentionally, we all desire to be accepted & loved as we are.
We learn about relationships from our childhood experiences and cultural/religious environment, and for the majority of us, the examples we see are of unhealthy attachment, using toxic manipulations to get what they want & superficial measurements (like valuing the quality of their relationship through external measures, like money or fb likes, instead of heartfelt conversations done in private.)

That being said, I hope you can understand, people do not cheat because they are not good/skinny/tall/young/pretty/sexy enough, but because they are NOT SATISFIED with themselves, so they thought taking those actions they did, they might find the satisfaction of sort.

Let's take the classic mid-life crisis story as an example.
A successful business man who started to doubt if he is good enough when he reached "mid-life" (this can be different age for everyone), maybe because he isn't performing as well in some areas in his life where he used to feel proud of (ie: his looks). So he bought a race car to gain attention from the other sex, and when that wasn't enough anymore, he then cheated on his wife with his 20-something secretary to proof to himself that he is still valuable & lovable.
You can see that the whole series of actions & events had nothing to do with his wife (in this scenario).

And so, unless you had done something that greatly damaged the trust between you & your ex, it is most likely because it is something they were going through.

If someone lies & manipulates others a lot to make themselves feel better than others, that is a clue that shows it's very possible that when they were younger, they needed to show up better than others in order to gain affection & attention from their parents.

You can learn to decipher in our programs to discover why those relationships didn't work out.

Why didn't I see how toxic that relationship was?

We all have blind spots, especially when we like someone very very much and wanted the relationship to work out; and sometimes, it is because we subconsciously want to prove something to ourselves as well as to others. And that will prevent us from seeing things as is or holding onto the hope that they will get better.

And that is why the best solution is to go within to understand why we put up with relationship red flags or why our brain completely dismisses them, or why we didn't trust our intuition.

Check out our coaching program: Legacy Mom Coaching to learn more about why you do what you do in relationships and how to release the pain from toxic love. Or Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

How can I ever trust in love again?

It's important to accept that trusting others again for you will take time, but understand that TIME alone will not heal this wound for you, building healthy boundaries and practicing giving yourself and others a chance will.

Take a broken leg for example, you know that it will take time for your leg to heal, but if left untreated by a doctor, there may be serious side effects from the injury.
And even after seeing the doctor, who helped you understand the situation & the possible timeline it'll take for you to run again, you will still be required to go to physical therapy to make sure you heal effectively.

It is the same for heartbreak & healing trust issues.
Yes, it is possible for you to trust in love again over time, but do understand and be patient with yourself being more sensitive while your heart heals.

You can't just expect it'll heal on its own if you keep hanging out with people who aren't trustworthy or other toxic situations as such; and if you also keep lying to yourself, you would be even more confused about what is true and what isn't.

So in order to trust again, it is crucial to start practicing being truthful to yourself first.

And this may feel very uncomfortable at first, that is why we designed our programs to help you understand yourself better and heal more effectively!

How do I stop attracting toxic lovers as an empath?

The popular concept that "an Empath naturally attracts Narcissistic people" should come with a warning label!
For if you choose to believe this concept, you may just hang up a sign out of your door with WELCOME written all over it!

It's easier to understand it through this example: imagine Narcissists as someone who like attention A LOT at a party and Empaths as someone who is too nice to say no. Then you can easily picture it: The Narcissist dude is telling everyone about how amazing they are in some way and that repelled some people so they walked away, but the Empathic girl felt bad (& maybe even guilty) about no one listening to this dude, so she over-stayed and listened to him talking for another 30 minutes.
And in some cases, the Empath girl may find the outspoken nature of the Narcissist dude attractive! (as this is a trait she admires and wants to embody within her)

As you can tell from this simple example, it isn't true that Empaths naturally attract toxic people like Narcissists, but it was the lack of Healthy Boundaries or Personal Power that made the Empaths feel powerless to leave those people.

Explore our programs to see how we can help you clarify & own your power as a Mom after a toxic love!

What do I do when people judge me about my past?

The truth is we all judge people, even if we are good people.
It is a natural thing we do as animals, we subconsciously & consciously evaluate people, because the fittest survives in the animal kingdom!

To combat this, you need to become AWARE that words ONLY hurt you when it's something you are actually insecure about or are actually ashamed of.

Understanding this helps you to start reflecting upon what & why you are insecure/ashamed about. And brainstorm ways to work on accepting & loving these parts of you.

And that is how you start building up the immunity you have about others' criticism, judgments, and unwelcome opinions!

Our Take Your Power Back playbook/mini-course is designed to teach you 3 creative strategies to reduce these common triggers in your daily life, so you can focus your energy on being the awesome Mom that you are!

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

I feel so ashamed about what happened, what do I do?

It is ok to feel however you are feeling. Shame is also a valuable emotion that helps us improve ourselves.

But it is also worth investigating why you may feel ashamed about something, is it based on your own values OR is it based on a need to fit into others' model of the world?

If you are ashamed of something because it makes you feel lesser than others, based on your own value & standards, then, great! You can choose to improve yourself and be better.

However, if you are feeling ashamed due to not meeting others' standards (but not your own)-- i.e. your Mom's sense of fashion, or the requirements from your religion about sex/divorce, or your friends are all married before 30...
Then it is a wonderful chance for you to reevaluate as an adult if that is the way you want to measure your happiness in life.

For inner peace come from accepting that there is no way you can ever please everyone in your life, and life is more important to prioritize what truly matters to you. Improve on what you can & let go of what you can not :)

Check out our Doodle Your Anxiety Away a 21-Day-course, it is a FREE GIFT from us to help you start feeling more calm in your life!!

How can I possibly move on & start a new life when my heart hurts so deeply?

First thing first, be open to the idea that it is totally possible! If you research online you can easily find many high-achieving women who left a toxic relationship and successfully moved on. (You can also read Mina's story and draw inspiration from it too!)

It is natural that your heart hurts and it is wonderful news! For if you've felt no pain, you'd have a bigger issue!

But we know you desire emotional freedom from that heartache and that is why you are here! So here we will share the 3 step process that Mina uses to create all her programs:
1. Become AWARE of your relationship patterns-- so you can choose what you can do to improve and create a better future!
2. RELEASE the bs beliefs, stories & heavy EMOTIONS effectively that make you feel powerless like a victim! <= This is what most programs are missing!!
3. Make a new plan to TRANSFORM how you think, act, live & LOVE in the future! πŸŽ‰

Moving on is that simple when we stop getting in our own way! πŸ˜‰

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

How can I find peace after the betrayal?

We know it hurts so much right now and it feels like it's impossible to ever ever, EVER find peace again for you.
And that will be true for you if you don't change how you think, what you focus on, what you expose yourself to, and how you feel on a consistent base.

What if we tell you that: Inner Peace is actually a Natural State Of Being for The Real Empowered You?

Yes, contrary to the common belief-- that inner peace is something you need to "FIND", Mina has discovered during her healing journey that Peace is everywhere and is within all of us, it's just buried underneath a bunch of mess-- our inner doubts, fears, and self-worth issues that made us believe something like:
"I don't deserve a peaceful life because______."
or something like:
" I can't have peace unless I achieve ______"
(feel free to fill in the blanks here and reflect on your answers).

The wonderful news is Mina has created a simple course that can help you start cultivating your inner peace called DOODLE YOUR ANXIETY AWAY, and it is a FREE gift for you to experience our Creative Healing Magic!! πŸ˜‰

We can't wait to hear about what you may discover through that course! πŸ€©πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰

Why is it important to feel my emotions?

As a Mom, if you don't show your children how to process & regulate your emotions, negative ones especially, then they wouldn't know how; furthermore, they will think that vulnerable & emotional part of them are not lovable.

And we know that is not your intention. Most of us were taught to bottle our emotions inside and suppress them, to "be strong", but what this actually does is making us numb.

β€œYou can't numb those hard feelings without numbing the other effects, our emotions. You cannot selectively numb. So when we numb those, we numb joy, we numb gratitude, we numb happiness. And then we are miserable, and we are looking for purpose and meaning, and then we feel vulnerable, so then we have a couple of beers and a banana nut muffin. And it becomes this dangerous cycle.”
― BrenΓ© Brown, The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connections, and Courage

When we close our hearts and not feeling our emotions in the long run, we become emotionally dysregulated.

"When someone is experiencing emotional dysregulation, they may have angry outbursts, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and other self-damaging behaviors. Over time, this condition may interfere with your quality of life, social interactions, and relationships at home, work, or school."-- Written by WebMD Editorial Contributors

And as a Mom after a toxic relationship, you can't afford to damage the fragile relationship between you & your children with those crazy angry outbursts as they are so much more intense during this transitional time.

And if you came from a family who never talks about negative emotions/events, or have parents who were emotionally unavailable, it may feel even more uncomfortable to feel these darker emotions, and that is why we teach you in our programs how to process & release these emotions through a safe channel-- for creative expressions serve as a sanctuary for you to just BE you, with no expectations nor judgment.
Check out our programs & see how we can help you more! 😊

How does the toxic relationship impact my children?

We all learn relationships & love based on what we see & observed throughout our life, and the ones that impacted us the most are the ones from our childhood.

"Children who witness or are victims of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse are at higher risk for health problems as adults. These can include mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. They may also include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, poor self-esteem, and other problems."-- from www.womenshealth.gov

"Toxic relationships are ones in which someone's own negative behavior can cause emotional damage or contaminate the way a child sees himself or herself. They can lead to anxiety, depression, physical illnesses, and feelings of isolation. Children can end up blaming themselves and feeling guilt or shame."-- by Karen Young, from www.heysigmund.com

Just like you are affected by the relationships you witnessed as a child to this day, your children will also be greatly impacted by the toxic relationship/behaviors they witnessed if they were left unprocessed.

And that is why, we believe the Moms hold the key to healthy relationship dynamics in a household. Once you learn to heal your heart by facing your emotional wounds, you would be more comfortable addressing these sensitive subjects with your children helping them open up more & process what they think they know.

Don't wait for finding the right therapist to help your children, as they only get to see your children once a week to help them uncover bigger things; they are not able to witness those everyday struggles and be there whenever something comes up.

As a Mom, the useful tools we teach you in our programs can also help you navigate those surprising moments in your children's life too!

Click on our top menu section, to see which of our creations meets your current needs 😊

What is wrong with me?

You may have wondered this at some point in time when something devastating happened in your life like Mina did after she discovered the betrayal from her toxic partner.

Some people may say that it wasn't your fault for what happened to you, but in order to improve your life, we need to be honest with ourselves as well.

However, it is crucial to differentiate that it is not what was "wrong" within you, but rather, discovering what is not working for you in love that led your relationship to a horrible ending.

You need to remember that, you did the best you could at that time.
But if you want to improve the relationships in your life, you must analyze everything without taking it personally.

Most of us learn about relationships & love through watching & observing the relationships in our lives, in books, movies, and on media platforms. Needless to say, the majority of them are not healthy relationships to model from. And so, we had made up a lot of conclusions about love & relationships since we were children, and most of them are probably silly.

As we grew up, we were never taught to take time & re-evaluate these beliefs we developed about love to see if they do meet our needs & values and that is why you may have been choosing partners that are not right for you and ending up in situations that aren't good for you.

In our programs, we help guide you to become more aware of these hidden thoughts & beliefs, so you can start choosing differently in love.

Check out our top menu section, to see which of our programs meet your current needs 😊

How can I prevent my children getting into toxic relationships in the future?

As much as you want to, you can not prevent every bad thing from happening to your children, (how we wish we could), to keep them from harm.

And that is why we believe the best Prevention Plan for our children, is to prepare them with the knowledge needed & useful tactics.

There is no better time to talk about relationships, relationship red flags & toxic behaviors than now.

According to Parents.com, there are 6 things you can do to help your children when you are around families and crowds:
"1. Have a family game plan.
2. Let your child establish their physical boundaries.
3. Set clear boundaries ahead of time and enforce them.
4. Leave or decide not to attend a gathering.
5. Don't ignore warning signs.
6. Create time for just you and your child."

Following these 6 tips can help you build a sense of trust within your family while they are younger, through these principles, you are also teaching them that they are allowed to set clear boundaries and communicate to others when they feel uncomfortable. And that you have their back. πŸ˜‰

And of course, because our children observe us Moms and model from us, there is nothing that will help prevent them from getting into a toxic love by saying NO to others' toxic behaviors and showing them how to love & value yourself first!

Check out our top menu section, to see which of our programs meet your current needs 😊


I feel guilty spending time on myself when my children needs me now more than ever. what can I do?

Remember the story about the Giving Tree?
Imagine if that big tree is not getting enough nutrients in the soil, and so there are no fruits for the people to enjoy. Imagine if that big tree got sick and all the leaves fell off, and so all the people had no shade to rest in? Imagine if that big tree did not have a strong root system to support its branches and it fell on the children playing underneath it?!

We as Moms are just like the Giving Tree (though we sure do not want to share the ending as that story πŸ˜…), we want to give so much to our children & the people that we love.
And that is why, in order to give ourselves generously, we must first take care of ourselves, especially if we are recovering from a toxic relationship.

Our body, our mind & our heart is all going through intensive healing, as the toxic relationship ended, we discovered the rotten parts in our roots-- shouldn't this be the priority for us to heal so we can grow more & make more fruits next year??
So you see, there is no need to feel guilty at all if this is the intention you have-- to give more & to love more, your children need you to be healthy, to be emotionally resilient, and to be filled with love (from within you) to thrive in life in a fulfilling way!

By showing them by example & educating them on the importance of self-care & self-love, you are teaching them the most important life skill that they will need for life-- the ability to fulfill their own needs and recharge their own energy.

And this is why we believe working on yourself is the BEST INVESTMENT you can ever make!

Check out our top menu to see how we can help you heal effectively as a Mom! 😊

I feel so angry at everything all the time, how can I prevent myself from snapping at people that I love?

Congratulations!! πŸŽ‰
We are so glad to hear that you are angry! Anger actually takes quite a bit of energy, so if you feel angry all the time that shows that you actually have quite a bit of energy that you can use to channel it into creating the life you desire!

Anger is a valuable emotion that our body use to communicate to us that we are NOT being treated the way we deserve (from the past or at the present moment)-- maybe someone had ignored you, disrespected you, or is crossing your boundary after you warned them.
So please take a minute to acknowledge & honor your need to be respected.

And then you can take some time to reflect upon the events when you dumped your anger at someone in a journal, from a more distant point of view like a witness, to observe the cause that triggered these anger outbursts, so you can understand yourself more and separate the events from someone violating your boundaries (which you should be angry about!) and the times when you were just upset at others for your own personal reasons.

And the best way to prevent you from snapping at others is to make sure you have many tools & practices at your disposal to help you release your daily frustration, stress, and the long-built-up resentment from the past.

Everyone prefers different ways to help them process & use their emotions. Besides the Creative Healing Practices we teach in our programs, here are some common ones we like: yelling into a pillow, cleaning/scrubbing the tiles, singing out loud in a car, going for a run in nature, and tackling a project.

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

I feel so empty & numb, how can I feel joy again?

First of all, please understand that you may go through a few hazy times during your healing journey, feeling empty & numb, just like our weather, usually you will recover in a day to a week, for your body/spirit to rest and restore itself back to balance.

However, if you are experiencing this over a longer period of time, this is a sign that something bigger is blocking you from feeling joy-- a natural emotion that occurs.

Please know that our service is not to be used to replace mental health professionals, like psychologists, we believe you should consult your Doctor first to discover the potential cause & treatment.

That being said, you must remember the importance of having hope in your heart, as we can only create what we believe is possible in our life.
And Gratitude Practices are a fantastic way to help you restore hope & see more positivity in your day.

You can start by trying our FREE course-- Doodle Your Anxiety Away to start your Creative Healing Journey, releasing the stress from your overthinking mind worrying about everything and start finding more gratitude in your day through the mindfulness practice;
And then, you can also enroll in our mini Course-- Take Your Power Back As A Mom to reprogram your way of thinking to stop you from feeling so triggered by life all the time so you can feel in controled of your mind again!

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

I feel like I've been cursed in love. How can I ever have a healthy relationship again if I've never experienced one?

Don't lose hope, Mama! We can relate to how you feel, but remember that your belief decides what your brain focuses on and hence create your experiences in life.

And that is why, you MUST delete the belief that you are cursed in love and know that there are so MANY people who found healthy love even when they grew up in dysfunctional families.

The role models that Mina looks up to are Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins, the entrepreneurs who started Mastermind.com -- the membership site we use for our online courses! They had both grown up in challenging environments as a child, in financially struggling families, and yet found the love of their life after doing their inner personal development work.
And there are many other empowering examples you can find online to remind you that it is never too late for you to find love!

To create a new exciting future & attract healthy love into your life, you must overthrow your old false belief about love, release the pain and reasons why you don't think you deserve such love while working on your healing, and know that the Best is yet to come for you!

In our coaching program- Legacy Mom Coaching, Mina will help you discover the toxicity you have about love and release the pain of the past so you can focus on creating & attracting a healthier love in your life!

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

how can I help my children heal effectively?

After a toxic relationship, Please find your children a therapist or a coach-- to help them get the help they need to heal (and I know you probably already have/ or will if you are here! 😊)

It is crucial to choose someone who is trauma-informed, who will not post the blame on mothers (we know, we can't believe we have to mention this), AND who both you & your children will like & TRUST so you will have a powerful ally in helping your children heal.

Another powerful element that many Moms overlooked in healing is the environment your children are exposed to, which includes your home, the people closest to them, their school/classmates/teachers, your neighborhood and who they follow online. These are the keys to help us heal effectively in life!

The simple truth is that you can not make your children happy, just like no one can make us feel happy if we weren't happy with ourselves inside.

The good news is that, as a Mom, our children are greatly influenced by our behaviors, our emotions and our energy. This is why there is nothing else that will help your children heal by healing your heart first! And why we are so passionate abo teaching you how to heal & empower yourself.

You can also help your children by creating a safe environment at home by saying bye to toxic things, people & behaviors, setting healthy boundaries, communicating from your heart, resetting the expectations you have for each other during this transitional time, and taking them out to Nature...
(And the good news is that we are creating a Mastermind for teens in 2023, where we will help your teen discover who they are and empower themselves so they won't be naive about toxic love!)

Meanwhile, please check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

I am afraid it's too late to fix the relationship between me & my teen/grown children, is it possible to start again?

As an adult, I am sure in some way, deep inside, you still crave the love, praises, validation, and support from your Mom-- no matter what was in the past.

Seriously, let's experiment with this theory:
Close your eyes, and IMAGINE your Mother looking into your eyes, sincerely apologizing to you about something they've done that hurt you when you were a little girl and asking for your forgiveness, followed by a heart-to-heart conversation with you, until you both hug and smile with teary eyes...
How did that make you feel? Did you feel it was too late?

It is a normal desire we all have as a creature that long for connections & love, especially from our parents, no matter how old we get.

And that is how we know that it is definitely NOT TOO LATE for you to work on healing your relationship with your children-- no matter how old they are!! Know that despite how unwilling they act on the surface, your desire to do so is appreciated by their spirit-- their truest selves.
And we truly adore you for taking the courage to do so!! And that is why we are so passionate about helping you heal within your heart first, so it can act as the emotional foundation you need when you face the potential rejection & resistance from your children.

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

My children rarely leave me alone! What can I do to ensure I get the most out of the programs?

Ah, the love/hate struggle as a Mom! We want them closer but also crave our own space!!

The best way to get the most out of the program is to have a quiet healing time & space so you can focus on the training videos or engage in the LIVE sessions.

You can eliminate the distractions from the children by choosing the time when they are preoccupied/entertained, well-rested & well-fed.

And the biggest key to start preparing your children to respect your NEED for self-HEALING is by teaching them the importance of Self-Care.

So, just like when you were teaching them how to brush their teeth, you must keep teaching & reminding them why you will need Mommy-Time-Out or Mommy-Alone-Time! Help them understand WHY you need to do this and how it will help you be a better Mom for them.

(And if you must, you can always find your own quiet space in the closet, or in the car, on one of those wild days-- these are s ome of Mina's go-to places lol)

Check out our top menu to see which one of our current programs will be right for you to start! 😊

As a Mom who ended an 11-year toxic marriage,

I was faced with the challenge of navigating through being a single Mom while grieving for my toxic relationship, I was determined to find a way to heal my heart & my children's hearts ASAP, so I went on a search to find the best & most effective healing tools...

I didn't have years in talk therapy to get some small progress, to stop feeling worried & scared of love, BECAUSE I NEEDED TO SHOW MY CHILDREN THE WAY TO HEAL THEIR BROKEN HEARTS EFFECTIVELY RIGHT AWAY; so I invested $$$$$, spent hours a day researching online, bought lots of self-help books & enrolled in tons of online courses, even though I received useful information in each of them; BUT I felt like none of them were designed specifically for a Mom who left a toxic relationship-- whose life is in a total mess and is constantly struggling with multiple areas in her life, living a life full of uncertainty & overwhelming emotions, with limited personal time and having a little human who NEEDS her attention & loves MORE THAN EVER (especially during this recovery period).

Most courses & books ask you to use journaling & meditation to help you become more aware of your life so you can start making improvements. But honestly, I find these traditional practices (like still meditation & journaling) can feel OUTDATED for today's fast-paced lifestyle, and they are honestly NOT PRACTICAL for a Mom whose nervous system is still hyperactive (aka in fight & flight mode) to be able to RELAX, it would take people like us years of practice to access the benefits from these traditional healing methods.

I had so much pain within me that I couldn't release at the time,

and I wished there was an easier way to heal that is more effective & effort-LESS for Moms.  πŸ˜©

And that is why I created MY CREATIVE HEALING MAGIC METHOD πŸ’–

It is the creative solution with everything that I wish I had to

help you heal your heart more effectively

and parent more mindfully in your "new normal"

(even if there have been a lot of conflicts between you & your children),

so you can focus your energy on

building an UNSHAKABLE LOVING FOUNDATION with your children!


you can heal your relationship wounds from the root causes & implement an effective plan in a creative way

so it won't feel like doing another chore or homework

in your busy Mom life!

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

β€”Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

I know it can feel hard to believe that you can feel at peace in your heart again after a toxic love, but I know it's totally possible

from my own experience and many others ;)

But why does it take others so many years to heal?

The Truth Is Most People

Focus Too Much On

learning about relationship red flags, behavior traits of a narcissist,

focusing on narcissists and how to avoid them,

while learning that knowledge is beneficial & empowering;

Overly focusing on the Narcissist & Empath dynamic can keep you stuck in a loop of victim mindset unintentionally, and hence disempower you;

Furthermore, learning about red flags for an extended amount of time can trigger (& perhaps even re-traumatizing) your senses & make you feel hyper-alert & extremely unsafe.


oversimplify the healing process, and in truth, if you do not remove yourself from toxic situations, you will only retraumatize yourself again.




Relationship & Dating coaches can teach you how to date online, the good qualities to look for in a partner, how to text, what to wear on dates, etc. but most of them will not teach you how to love & care for yourself,

(so you can actually attract better partners)

because that is not what you hire them for.

However, if you don't feel safe being in another relationship yet,

or if you don't see your innate value yet,

it'll be extremely confusing to navigate through the emotional roller-coaster of dating and super frustrating in how to set healthy boundaries in love.

I'm sure you've seen people who jump from one toxic relationship to the next,

complaining about their experiences,

how unlucky they are that it feels like they only attract toxic people...

or perhaps you've been there yourself, like me.

The real problem is

if you don't know how to feel safe within yourself,

you won't feel safe in another relationship...

The real problem is

if you don't know how to forgive yourself to trust yourself,

you won't be able to trust another person in love...

The real problem is

if you can't accept & love your imperfections,

you would keep seeking love & fleeting validations from another person...

It's natural to desire to be in LOVE.

And I am sure you aren't just looking for some ordinary kind of love, which is why, healing & self-love practices are the foundational bricks you will need.

SO HOW DO YOU do it?

The past is in the PAST for a reason, there is no need for you to repeat it. It is time for getting what you truly desire in love!

Self-Healing + Parenting + Self-Loving Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate Empowerment Formula

combining our practical Approach To Healing from betrayal

+ Feminine Approach To Personal development training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with yourself

is what makes our coaching service so unique



Self-Healing + Parenting + Self-Loving Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate Empowerment Formula

combining our practical Approach To Healing from betrayal

+ Feminine Approach To Personal development training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with yourself

is what makes our coaching service so unique




Chimene, a Mom from TX

1 / 3

"Mina made me feel very beautiful and comfortable. She really helped me get more into my body and out of my head.
Through this experience, I am now more aware of how I judge myself, and after Mina's coaching, now I feel more beautiful and not comparing myself to others as much.
I will gladly recommend this to every woman!"

1 / 3

Once a Mom has healed her heart, she will have more love for her children and she can also teach this life skill to her children

I mean, seriously,




Parenting isn't a skill we naturally unlock as soon as we give birth to a child. πŸ˜‚

You know it takes years of trials & errors to figure it out, and as soon as you think you've got it, that child has entered a different stage in life! Or, like me, you then had another kid with a whole different personality for you to figure out! πŸ˜…

Now add healing a broken heart on top of parenting... yikes!

I have seen many ladies who left a toxic relationship years ago

and yet is still hurting with the same emotional pain they carry in their heart,

or struggling in other relationships due to trust issues,

even if they are successful in all other areas of their life.

We Value Your Time.

And that is why we want to help you optimize your healing so you will have more energy & love to share with your children.

We know our programs will help guide you through your healing in an effective yet creative way so you can finally enjoy your freedom from that toxic love!

We are so sure that you will love our programs, we are happy to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

(terms & rules apply for each program.)

Start your healing now from one of these options:

As a mom who grew up in a dysfunctional home...

Introducing My

3 Pillars

That My Creative Healing Method Root In

To Help You Empower & Love Yourself Fully!

Change Is Never Too Late To Start For You & Your Family, Imagine This...

First, you learn to heal & empower yourself

You then share this skill to your family by example

And that is how you create a family with an unshakable LOVE as foundation.


I am super picky about who I learn from, as I have been disappointed by people I looked up to in the past.

And that is partially why therapy/counseling/schools didn't work out so great for me.

What you’ll learn from me is all based on a real MomLife experience,

not textbook theories--

someone who went through it, tested it, and is still growing from these same strategies every day as a solo Mom.

I understand what I teach is extremely personal & something most people want to keep private.

That is why I understand your need to know who I am and why you should learn from me, and that is the only reason that,

as a private person, I share myself & my story so openly online.

As a Mom who experienced a toxic relationship,

I know how it feels to struggle every day with heartache while parenting children who are hurting as well,

and I understand the worry & fear we all have for our children.

And that is why I aim to help you heal yourself effectively within months,

so you can be the Nurturing & Loving Mom you desire to be again to help heal your children's hearts.

What our clients say about working with Mina

Andrea, a mom of 2

1 / 3

"Working with Mina changed my perspective about myself, I can not believe how comfortable I was throughout, how much of myself I revealed, Mina made me feel very comfortable and it was fun! I got to connect with a different side of myself."

1 / 3

Can you imagine still watching old black & white tv programs all day on your new 4K television?

that is what most of us are doing in our minds, viewing shows in black & white with outdated & old-fashioned NARRATORS commenting on everything.

of course, you wouldn't feel empowered!

and you are not alone in doing so,

I have certainly been there.

your outdated beliefs about love & relationships effect:

how you see things in your world,

how you make meaning to the events,

how you feel about yourself

and eventually,

how you show up in love & in life.

To update these default programs your mind set up (since you were a little girl)

there is something BIG in the way...

It's your long-buried emotions

that you haven't processed in AGES!

they have hardened from you bottling them up all this time...

your self-worth

is evaluated by your mind

based on your past experiences

& the emotions generated

which then becomes how you show up

in your life

Once you update your beliefs about your worth,

you would naturally:

  • NOT SETTLING for a toxic partner,

or put yourself in any toxic situation.

And healthy boundaries would naturally be set.

  • stop saying negative things to yourself,

you would have fewer inner conflicts and more inner peace.

  • stop over-giving,

and spend more time focusing on fulfilling your needs.

  • take better care of yourself,

and start becoming your naturally attractive & magnetic self.

  • remove the resistance within you, to attract reciprocated relationships to you.

You Will Transform Your Whole Life

& the trajectory of your children's life.

We'll help you spot & clear out what's in your way through our

Creativity-filled Healing-focused

Magical Experience! πŸ˜‰

Learn how to become mindful about your beliefs in love and how they've sabotaged you through our programs!

Let me be honest with you,


after investing in way too many programs, I realized most of them use THE SAME TYPE OF TOOLS such as Still meditation & journaling.

These traditional proven tools often take normal people years to discover & remove those inner obstacles.



I need something effective




so I can optimize

the ENERGY & my precious me-time

that I invest in any healing practices.

πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

And That is Why I Created

The Creative Healing Magic Method,

The Creative Solution to help you let go of all those emotional baggage so you can focus on creating your DREAM life with your children.

πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

I like meaningful actions.

so I developed a way to practice the healing work with activities I already do.

things that are more interesting

so working on myself becomes fun, and something that won't create too much resistance within me.

Creative Healing Magic Method

is a way to transform yourself

while being a boss mom, and loving the process.

You will learn HOW TO HEAL your

πŸ’– MIND:

to help you understand where your blocks are.

πŸ’– heart:

to release the emotions that are hurting you.

πŸ’– soul:

to feel the connection between you & the world around you, so you can feel truly loved from within.

We are passionate to help you let go of the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down & help you detox the mindset about love that you learned from the world, so you can focus on creating the life you dream of with your children! πŸ’–

When you learn to appreciate & love yourself, you teach your children how to do that for themselves too! And that might just help prevent them getting into a toxic love like you did!

Want to know our Legacy Moms' secret on healing effectively & building an unshakable loving foundation with their children?

So What's Next For You?

Learn More

"Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept."

β€”Anna Taylor

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