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Motherhood is challenging.

I get it.

As a solo Mom & a widow myself navigating through Motherhood while grieving & healing my heart after a toxic relationship, I wished there was an easier way to living & healing that is catered towards Moms.

😩 And the journey was bumpier

because of these common belief in our society...

What most people believe...

(and it isn't true)

❌ Healing will take forever

Our thoughts are powerful.

It is true we are constantly growing.

BUT when people hold this limiting belief in them,

it made healing FEELS like it is a job,

and it made them rush through this self-discovery journey a tedious labor with no end in sight,

and missed many beautiful gems along the way.

❌ Life is meant to

be suffering

It is true our ancestors suffered a lot in life.

But as modern humans who live in a convenient world, this limiting belief cause the human brain laser focus on the events that were painful instead of the ones that were beautiful & amazing, which made a wonderful & happy life an impossible dream for many.

❌ A strong woman means

she shows no weakness

Big girls don't cry, is a common belief we were taught as children. But without healthy outlets to release the overwhelming emotions causes pain & dis-ease in our body in the long run. In truth, it is by embracing our emotions & vulnerabilities that helps us become emotionally resilient & unshakable.

I help Moms See Their True Worth

with my Creative Healing Magic (Method)

especially after a toxic relationship...

How I Can Help You:

Can you imagine still watching old tv programs all day

like in the 50s on your new 4K television?

that is what most of us are doing in our mind, viewing shows in black & white with outdated & old-fashioned NARRATORS commenting everything.

of course you wouldn't feel empowered!

and you are not alone in doing so,

I have certainly been there.

your outdated beliefs about love & relationships AFFECT:

how you see things in your world,

how you make meanings to the events,

how you feel about yourself

and eventually,

how you show up in love & in life.

To update these default programs your mind set up (since you were a little girl)

there is something BIG in the way...

It's your long buried emotions

that you haven't processed in AGES!

they have hardened from you bottling them up all this time...

your self worth

is evaluated by your mind

based on your past experiences

& the emotions generated

which then become how you show up

in your life

Once you update your beliefs about your worth,

you would naturally:

  • NOT SETTLE for a toxic partner,

or put yourself in any toxic situation.

And healthy boundaries would naturally be set.

  • stop saying negative things to yourself,

you would have fewer inner conflicts and have more inner peace.

  • stop over-giving,

and spending more time focusing on fulfilling your needs.

  • take better care of yourself,

and start becoming your naturally attractive & magnetic self.

  • remove the resistance within you,

you would effortlessly attract reciprocated relationships to you.

You Will Transform Your Whole Life

& the trajectory of your children's life.

We'll help you spot & clear out what's in your way through our

Creativity-filled Healing-focused

Magical Experience! πŸ˜‰

Learn how you can step up as your best self & find the true confidence from within!

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How can we support you?

"Your only risk?
Is that you don’t start now."

β€”who you are meant to be

Let me be honest with you,


and after investing in way too many programs, I realized most of them use THE SAME TYPE OF TOOLS such as meditation & journaling.

These traditional proven tools often takes normal people years to discover & remove those inner obstacles.



I need something effective




so I can optimize

the ENERGY & my precious me-time

that I invest inTO any healing practices.

πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

And That is Why I Created

The Creative Healing Magic Method,

The Creative Solution to help you let go of all those emotional baggages so you can focus on creating your DREAM life with your children.

πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ

I like meaningful actions.

so I developed a way to practice the healing work with activities I already do.

things that are more interesting

so working on myself becomes fun, and something that won't create too much resistance within me.

Creative Healing Magic Method

is a way to transform yourself

while being a boss mom, and loving the process.

You will learn HOW TO HEAL your

πŸ’– MIND:

to help you understand where your blocks are.

πŸ’– heart:

to release the emotions that are hurting you.

πŸ’– soul:

to feel the connection between you & the world around you, so you can feel truly loved from within.

We are passionate to help you let go of the emotional baggages that has been weighing you down & help you detox the mindset about love that you learned from the world, so you cam focus on creating the life you dream of with your children! πŸ’–

We have been taught to give to others before taking care of ourselves as women, when what will allow us to share more love happens when we love & care for ourselves first.

We Value Your Time.

And that is why we want to help you optimize your me-time for a more impactful way.

We GUARANTEE that our programs will help guide you through your healing in a more effective way so you can improve the quality of your emotional life.

And so, we only want to work with the ladies who is driven & truly ready to push through the uncomfortable feelings in order to enjoy the sweet liberation with your children!

The Truth Is Most People

Focus Too Much On

learning about relationship red flags, behavior traits of a narcissist,

focusing on narcissists and how to avoid them,

while learning that knowledge is beneficial & empowering;

Overly focusing on the Narcissist & Empath dynamic can keep you stuck in a loop of victim mindset unintentionally, and hence disempower you;

Furthermore, learning about red flags for an extended amount of time can trigger (& perhaps even re-traumatizing) your senses & make you feel hyper-alert & extremely unsafe.




Relationship & Dating coaches can teach you how to date online, the good qualities to look for in a partner, how to text, what to wear on dates, etc. but most of them will not teach you how love & care for yourself,

(so you can actually attract better partners)

because that is not what you hire them for.

However, if you don't feel safe being in another relationship yet,

or if you don't see your innate value yet,

it'll be extremely confusing to navigate through the emotional roller-coaster in dating and super frustrating in how to set healthy boundaries in love.

I'm sure you've seen people who jump from one toxic relationship to the next,

complaining about their experiences,

how unlucky they are that it feels like they only attract toxic people...

or perhaps you've been there yourself, like me.

The problem is

if you don't know how to feel safe within yourself,

you won't feel safe in another relationship...

The problem is

if you don't know how to trust yourself,

you won't trust in another person...

The problem is

if you can't accept & love the wholeness of you,

you can't feel truly connected with another person...

It's natural to desire to be in LOVE again.

And I am sure you aren't just looking for some ordinary kind of love,

so you know, healing & self-love is needed.


does not explain to you that how much time it will take,

actually determines from:

  1. when you will free safe again (to not sabotage anything good)
  2. when you can trust to open your heart again (so you can actually allow love in)
  3. when you can accept & be who you really are (so you are the most attractive version of you)



Feeling like Yourself Again

& Become unshakably


in who you are


sitting under the Sun

laughing & playing with your children

without being weighed down by your past betrayals.

Just. Simple. Joy.

All you have to do is to

Let Go of your Emotional baggages.

We are passionate in offering you

the most Creative Healing Solutions

to help a successful Boss Lady,

like you,

to become


To help you reclaim

your innate personal Power,

regain your confidence in love,

become unshakable in your true essence.

And it will show,

in the way you talk into a room,

you no longer concerned about what others think of you;

As your best self,

it becomes so effortless because you know you only need

validations from within.

When you feel safe, secured & empowered from within,

whatever is happening externally becomes irrelevant.

Imagine what your children will gain from this! πŸ˜‰πŸ™Œ

your natural essence is effortlessly beautiful.

your natural essence is effortlessly beautiful.

You can create an even better life after your heartbreaking love story. And through this healing journey, you can show your children how to live in unconditional love.

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Every service You Purchase

Helps Us In Providing Healing Courses For

Mothers Of Sexually Abused Children

We understand how challenging it is to be a single Mother, having to manage work/life balance while finding time to practice self-care, unfortunately, life is even more difficult for Single Mothers whose children went through sexual abuse, and there isn't much support out there to help them heal their inner wounds from the experience. It is our non-profit mission to help heal the Mothers so they would be able to help their children heal through the challenging years of recovery.

Every service You Purchase

Helps Us In Providing Healing Courses For

Mothers Of Sexually Abused Children

We understand how challenging it is to be a single Mother, having to manage work/life balance while finding time to practice self-care, unfortunately, life is even more difficult for Single Mothers whose children went through sexual abuse, and there isn't much support out there to help them heal their inner wounds from the experience. It is our non-profit mission to help heal the Mothers so they would be able to help their children heal through the challenging years of recovery.

"The point of personal growth is not to learn
how to win in life,
the point of personal growth is to learn
how to liberate ourselves,
and feel the joy of simply being alive."

β€”-- Mina Teng

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