Embody the Version Of You That You Truly Desire...

This is a sacred space

for the creative, sensitive women

who wants to

lead & claim her power back

in the most romantically

beautiful feminine way.

We Provide creative solutions to help you

break up with the emotional & mental blocks that have been stopping you

and guide you to become your DREAM woman. 

We are a female empowerment studio that is passionate about teaching you the tools that will help you empower yourself, heal yourself, speed up your transforming process, so you can live your life in bliss & happiness.

We want to help you break through the preconceptions to stop waiting for someone to choose you and appreciate your organic beautiful self!

And frankly, we understand the traditional self-help tools & self-healing methods can get pretty rigid & repetitive, and so we are offering our own Creative Healing Methods to help guide you on your adventure to personal freedom in a more playful & feminine way!

Ready to join the party? :)

I took this portrait of my friend, on a school day, when we planned a spontaneous day trip to scout new shoot location; and yet, she still look gorgeous as ever. And that is all I want to capture, your true natural beauty.

Are you feeling burned out?

And honestly, a bit at lost as I did??

I thought I had it all. At least what I thought would make me happy but I wasn't.

What's worse, I was in denial.

I kept myself busy with kids & things to stop my brain from overthinking who I was & why I wasn't really happy.

I felt bad because my life wasn't bad.

And I struggled to find time for myself.

Yes, I suffered a serious case of Mom Guilt for more than a decade. 

I was miserable & unhappy despite how "perfect" my life looked on the surface at the time.

Many things I've tried only gave me a temporary fix.

Unfortunately, it took my world falling apart for me to finally face the truth that I was running away from my pain 

& finally, gather up the courage

to seek the answers to Lasting Happiness.

But you don't have to do it alone.


Do you know by making your happiness a priority, will also benefit all the relationships you care deeply about?!


You will become a naturally more loving & caring person

without over-giving, feeling overwhelmed & exhausted. 

It's never too late to invest in you!

You deserve it!

It is my sincere wish that I can save you the pain, the struggle & the search that I did alone, battling with doubts, to maintain the inner peace & love I feel today with my children.

We have been taught to give to others before taking care of ourselves as women, when what will allow us to share more love happens when we love & care for ourselves first.

Have you been doing the same things but nothing has worked long-term?

Isn't it time for you to try something different?

To discover a new you outside of your family, work & physical community?

Join a group of like-minded & empowering women doing fun & creative practices to redesign the new version of you.

I say it's time for you!!

Your best self is waiting for you to tap into your power to lasting bliss!

This will benefit more than just you in the end.

The world will never be the same after 2020, and this new world needs your awesomeness!

Only limited spots available for each live course!

Don't miss out!!

Learn how you can use creative expression & photography to become your divine self

"Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person's face."

—-- Steve McCurry