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Free Coaching opportunity for mothers of sexually abused children

Change the world one mother at a time.

I have a dream, where we are safe being vulnerable & supported without judgement.

I have a dream, where we are safe being vulnerable & supported without judgement. A place we show the wholesome beauty in us & shine without fears of being hurt.

We provide creative healing & guidance to Mothers of sexually abused children.

What do you do after you found out that your children have been sexually abused?

According to an article on RAINN.org,

"It’s important to find a way to manage your feelings, so you can focus on creating a safe environment for your child that is free from harm, judgment, and blame."

"Disclosure of a child's sexual abuse is a traumatic event for mothers. Life is difficult and stressful, and mothers experience many painful emotions. They are worried about their children and are concerned about the effects and long-term consequences of the sexual abuse. They may have been involved with the report of abuse. Following the disclosure, they are usually involved with community agencies, including law enforcement, social services, child abuse assessment centers, and the court system. Mothers experience strong emotions, initially feeling shock and denial, and often going through a grief process that includes anger, intense pain, and confusion. Mothers are afraid and anxious and often show signs of posttraumatic stress. If the perpetrator is a husband, partner, other family member, or friend, mothers experience feelings of betrayal.

Mothers often have no one around them that understands what they are going through, and they may have very little support. Sometimes mothers are blamed by others and told that the abuse is their fault. They are often given harmful advice and told not to believe the child or not to report. If the perpetrator is the mother's partner or one of her other children, feelings of pain, anger, and confusion increase. Difficult decisions are required in order to protect children. If the perpetrator is a husband, partner, other family member, or friend, mothers experience feelings of betrayal. It may be far easier to accept that a stranger has abused your child, even though a devastating discovery, than to find out that someone you loved and trusted harmed your child."

So the question is

HOW DO YOU MANAGE YOUR FEELINGS after you dealt with the legal procedures?!

You feel shocked, hurt, betrayed, guilty, angry & sad by someone you trusted your child with. And your feelings are completely valid & true.

The guilt of being a Mother when someone hurt your child is a pain that's hard to release but absolutely critical to work through in order to for your family to move on & create a new future together.


Help for Parents of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused by Family Members

Mothers of sexually abused children

When a Mom truly loves herself, then she is able to be fully present emotionally, & provide a safe home for her child..

When a woman truly loves herself, then she is able to be fully present emotionally, and provide a safe nurturing home for her children to heal & grow past the hurt.

WHY is it important for you to face your own feelings first?

In order to be there physically & emotionally for your children, the old myth of "fake it until you make it" is NOT going to work, because, children are sensitive and they will feel it when you are inauthentic.

And that is why you have to cultivate time & space for yourself to heal & release those feelings.

And because that is the only way to show your children they can become happy despite what had happened to them, by healing & transform within you first, and notice the positive effects ripple out in your family.

When Mothers are healed from her own emotional wounds, then she would be able to provide a nurturing space for her kids.

When Mothers are well taken cared of & healed from her own emotional wounds, then she would be able to provide a truly nurturing space for her children to heal.

How We Can Help

We will provide FREE coaching sessions to help guide you through this healing process in Re-starting your life,

we will focus into 3 sections in each coaching sessions as listed below.

When we have enough women sign up, we are hoping to host a donation-based membership weekly gathering to share, support & heal together.

The donations collected is to use towards materials used for the gathering.

The Past

"The past is in the past" they said.

But as many researches have shown, our body carries our past emotional memories, and our brain runs largely based on our past patterns.

So we will focus on analyzing on your past patterns, learn awareness self-check-in tools, and ways to process, release and work on self-forgiveness.

The Present

Gratitude is a powerful tool to change how you see the world around you.

In this session, you will learn ways to practice gratitude in your busy life, as well as other self care tips to nurture & love yourself so you can recharge your love battery for your children.

The Future

If you wander around without the clarity of where you are going, your brain will run your default setting and take you down the same route over & over again.

So in order to create an ideal future, we will help you figure out what you want, why you want it and create plans to make it happen. :)

You Can Make A Change Now

You don't have to stay a victim because of what happened to you, nor does your child.

As long as you are committed to change it and create a better future then you will.

Everything is possible.

Our goal is to provide you some guidance & support to set your journey on a bright track.

This song is a perfect vibe we feel for the support & community we want to create for bettering this world.


It is never too late to fix what went wrong.

We are here to help.

The best is yet to come, trust this, then it will be here one day.

The best is yet to come, trust this, then it will be here one day.

Why It Matters To Us.

As a survivor of being molested herself as a little girl, Mina was too afraid to tell the adults, especially when her parents were very emotionally distant, so it created a lot of struggle for her to navigate the sea of parenthood as a young Mom of 21, and when Mina's daughter told her about her being sexually abused by her father (Mina's then-husband); life forever changed for her. She took legal action despite of her fears & anger and she invested in personal development & healing courses so she can heal herself as fast as she possibly can to find her own happiness as she believes this is the only way to show her children how to transform from Victims to Victors.

Her husband committed suicide before his trial. He came from a family with a lot of abuse & mental illness in their family history, so he was unfortunately abused mentally, physically & sexually as a child. Upon observing how his family turned out, a life suffering from various mental & physical illnesses, relying on government assistance; Mina refuses to have her daughter grow up feeling damaged due to their family experience.

It drove Mina to seek out what drives people to do what they do & why they would hurt the people they love.

On her path to healing & become her best self & an amazing life for her family, she met many wonderful friends who also went through childhood sexual abuse, but were accused by their caregivers that they lied. So they had to stay in toxic situations until they were old enough to leave.

Many women shared virtually on various websites about their experience, like her friends, who were accused of lying & ran away when they were old enough, or other mothers of sexually abused children who choose to flee with the children worried the authority would not find evidence to put their toxic partner behind bars.

It makes Mina very upset to think of those situations & how devastating those children felt not being trusted & protected and how many times those perpetrators got away with legal consequences and potentially hurt more children in their future relationships.

Being in the shoes of both the mother & the daughter in this matter, Mina understood empowering the Mother is the way to fix this international societal problem.

For an empowered Mother would not have allowed her children to be hurt,

but a mother who was brought up or suffered from her own past wounds may feel powerless to help her children.

According to an article on Erin's Law website, "1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. If you don’t think you know a student that this has happened to think again. These children are sitting in our classrooms." -- and in our neighborhood playgrounds, in our social groups.

It is happening all the time around us.

All the evidence shows how much child sexual abuse is such a serious issue in the world that isn't being spoken about enough, addressed enough & prevented enough DUO TO all the shame towards sex & its related problems (ex: sexual assaults & all the times we feel objectified as women in this world).

When people feel shame, their brain's default reaction may be to avoid the discomfort feeling & avoid the subject completely, and that is why it is still such a big issue and a taboo subject that no one wants to discuss around the world.

It takes all of us to change the world & make it a better place.

And this is how our founder & creator Mina wishes to give back to this world...








Support our mission for a heart-conscious future

Book Coming Soon...

A memoir of Mina's journey of the heartbreaking events & her creative ways of healing & leading her family with love...

Book Coming Soon...

A memoir of Mina's journey of the heartbreaking events & her creative ways of healing & leading her family with love...

Want To Help Us On Our Mission?

We are in need of volunteering coaches, healers, therapists, artists, musicians, gardeners, bakers, chefs, parenting specialists & all sorts of experts join on our mission to educate & provide our warrior Goddesses with holistic wholesome & fun ways to transform their family together.

We are also looking for foundings in the near future toward land, tiny house builders. engineers & designers etc. to make our tiny-sanctuary a Dream-Come True to help mothers leave the toxic environment with their children and start a new life of wholehearted living.

Contact us to let us know what you can help with.

"Be The Change You Want To See In The World."

—Inspired by Gandhi

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