What is it worth to you

to have that harmonious relationship YOU DREAMED OF with yourself



waking up feeling peace in your heart,

and simply being happy as the woman & Mom that you are...

You only have a few years with your children before they grow out of the house, how many of those years are you "leaving it up for chance" or "hoping things will change for the better" by itself?

Self-Healing + Parenting + Self-Loving Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate GlowUp

our practical Approach To Healing

+ Feminine Approach To Personal development training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with your teen

is what makes our coaching service so unique



Self-Healing + Parenting + Self-Loving Lifestyle

= Your Ultimate GlowUp

our practical Approach To Healing

+ Feminine Approach To Personal development training


Creative ways To help you create a harmonious relationship with your teen

is what makes our coaching service so unique



Are you aware that the lack of unconditional self-love or your unhealed emotional wounds from your past

are blocking you from the high quality of love your heart desires

And it is causing you to push your children away subconsciously...?


Legacy Mom One-On-One Coaching

your personalized 12 weeks guided journey

for a limited time, it is only $4,998

Only 4 spots left for 2023, secure your seat now.


Andrea, a Mom from Mexico

1 / 3

"Working with Mina changed my perspective about myself, I can not believe how comfortable I was throughout, how much of myself I revealed, Mina made me feel very comfortable and it was fun! I got to connect with a different side of myself."

1 / 3


waking up and feeling happy

with the woman you see in the mirror...

Imagine feeling confident as the Mom you are,

Having That Wonderful Relationship

With Your Tween & Teenage Children and...

effortlessly become the Mom your children wanna hang out with for life!

What you will gain through this journey together

Awareness To Empower Your Mind

Learn the skill to become more aware in your life in your first 4 sessions, so you can gain the clarity you need to help you take your power back!

Release Your Emotional Blocks

Discover what has been draining you and how to release them strategically and feel that radical change in just 4 sessions!!

Transformed Into Your Next Level Self

Step Up As The New Empowered You through 4 sessions of implementation sessions to help you design an empowering & supportive lifestyle that will make your healing & growth effortlessly!

We all have a very unique journey as a woman and a mom,

That is why we will discuss on this call to design

the best strategized & customized self-love journey for you

to help you become the mom you wanna be 3 months from now!!

2 Coaching Models designed to support you where you are

Taking your power back in love

Learn Mina's simple ART method to FREE yourself emotionally from the heavy weight on your heart that is blocking you from sharing MORE LOVE with your children and having the ENERGY to be the Mom you dream of being.


Thrive As A Mom!

Learn Mina's 5-step ALIVE method which is designed to help you reduce the triggers in your life, set healthy boundaries in your life, and create a family CULTURE that is rooted in unconditional love and be the Legacy Mom your kids wanna hang out with!


All you have to do now is click the button below to schedule a call with Mina to see which path is right for you at the current time.

You can also ask any remaining questions you might have about enrollment,

and pay to secure your spot!



Who is this program for?

What if this program is not for me?

I don't have much free time, how much time do I need to invest?

Can I do a payment plan?



- Does NOT want to take any responsibility for your past & only wants to know why it's others' fault.
- Does NOT want to commit to your personal transformation to improve your Mom life.
- Is NOT willing to be open-minded and wants to stay stuck in the comfort zone.
- Wants rigid stoic meditation training or traditional journaling practices, and does NOT want to try different approaches.
- Does NOT think your way of parenting needs to be authentic, NOT willing to be vulnerable to others, and think your way is the best way.
- Does NOT respect other people's time & energy to do the work assigned and show up on time.
- Wants quick cheatsheet in dating and not wanting to understand what was keeping you stuck in love so you can actually attract high-value people into your life.

Who is this program for?

If you are:

- A Mom with school-age children who is motivated to improve your quality of life and wants to be a better Mom for your children, despite how many mistakes were made in your past.
- A woman who plans to be a better Mom for your future children.
- A Feminine who wants to learn how to more ways to love yourself unconditionally
- A Feminine who understands that your unhealed wounds are blockage s in your relationships and is seeking effective ways to heal in your busy life

What if this program is not for me?

Worry Not! You have a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee for this program!!

Yes, that means you can still get 4 weeks' worth of one-on-one coaching for FREE if this program is not what you are looking for at the time!

Further more, Mina will even give you some recommendations to help you along your journey as a Mom!! 😊

I don't have much free time, how much time do I need to invest?

As a 24/7 work-at-home full-time single-Mom, Mina is dedicated to making this self-love journey as simple & enjoyable as possible for busy Moms like you!!

Each session will be 60 minutes long, which includes a reflection, learning & discussion! And most of the practices will take a short time, which is usually activities you already do or need to do in your life!

All you need is a quiet space for you to focus during your sessions!

Can I do a payment plan?

YES, of course!
The price for this 12-week program is $4,998 in one payment,
or you can also pay $1,998 per month instead!
If you pay the program in one payment you will also receive two SPECIAL BONUS MASTERCLASS that will help you transform how you experience life!

you have three options now...

#1. Do nothing and go back to living life the way you always do

And the next time unexpected things happen, again, the stress from life builds up, and when your child gets on your nerves, you get overwhelmed and will understandably lose control of your temper, you may say something you'd regret later on, and make the gap between you & your children wider than before...

And immediately after another fight, the guilt will start to consume you, and you will be tempted to seek comfort in things that just make you feel worse later on... and you will beat yourself up which drains your energy more and makes it harder to be the Mom you want to be.

And you wonder when will you finally have more peace in your life.

THE TRUE COST OF THIS OPTION IS $$$$$ (in coping tools to help distract you from pain) PLUS YEARS OF HEARTACHE.

#2. DIY via Google, books, YouTube, And Attending Workshops

This is the strategy many people start with.

It does help some people out, but, as you and I know, this option will require a lot of self-discipline, time & energy to help you collect the pieces you need to heal your unique wounds and this can eat away more free time with your children.

You'd also need to be very analytical to map out a blueprint to craft a system that will work for your unique family's lifestyle by yourself, testing it to see if it works.


#3. Invest in yourself today and get Mina's tested formula to move forward energetically while enjoying your Mom journey with the support you need!

Mina has invested lots of time & money in testing out many programs by the industry's famous experts but felt frustrated as none of them were made specifically to suit a Mom's lifestyle (aka the lack of personal time and space😅) or interests (of a beautiful feminine experience).

Mina believes healing & personal growth should feel like a picnic like it's part of what you enjoy doing, and not joining a military BootCamp.


Do you know that...

Most Moms don't know how to avoid

getting into toxic relationships or how to best prevent their children from getting involved in toxic love.

It has become common sense that children who grew up witnessing toxic relationships at home have a higher chance of getting into toxic relationships when they are older.*

This creates the phenomenon many call "generational curse/trauma", it simply is because parents are the role models for children, so, as a Mom, if you do not know how to heal from your past relationship wounds, you would be leaving your children defenseless against people with ill intentions.

By healing yourself & loving yourself first, you show your children how to empower themselves, your past does not define who you are, and how to be more resilient in life!

If you keep doing what you usually do then...

this could happen to your child,

(cases like this are actually happening way too often around us)...

Maddie grew up with parents who were constantly busy. And her Mother often came home stressed from work, exhausted, and easily triggered by anything that didn't go her way at home. So Maddie had to learn from a young age to keep her emotions inside as they would trigger her Mom and get her into trouble. 

And this tendency to bottle up her emotions to keep peace at home became something Maddie struggled with parenting later on. As Maddie was so used to bottling up her emotions, she wasn’t in touch with her own emotions, so whenever her daughter showed intense emotions, it would remind Maddie of her own childhood, making her feel unsafe, uncomfortable & frustrated. Since she couldn't feel & relate to her daughter's emotions, this created a wall between their relationships over time…

On the surface, Maddie seemed like every other Mom, who's busy keeping up with her life, with a great career & a smart daughter who doesn't get into too much trouble; but deep down, Maddie knows nothing about what was on her daughter's mind and is afraid she’d lose her daughter once she gets older... She wasn't sure what to do, so she just kept her life busy, hoping things would get better over time...

On the other side...

Maddie's daughter, Ashley, didn't feel like she could be herself around her Mom, since every time she expresses her emotions as a child, her Mom could not relate to them and often dismiss her as overreacting & being a Drama Queen.

So as a teenager, Ashley learned to not let her Mom, Maddie, know what she was feeling & what troubled her. Ashley told her friend Gabby that she had been troubled by Tylar, a boy she was dating. Tylar was constantly hinting to her about his desire to advance their relationship to a more physical level, and Ashley didn't know what to do at all, besides talking to her girlfriend.

She knew if she told her parents what was happening things would only get worse, they'd make a huge deal about it and forbid her to see Tylar again. They didn't understand how important Tylar is to her, how he listened to her & made her feel like she could be herself. She didn't want to lose him...

Ashley felt upset about her Mother, she wishes she would be open-minded so she could talk about her issues without feeling judged. Ashley doesn't feel safe talking about her relationship struggles with her parents as they hardly show affection to one another and the fact that they never talked openly about sex & love. Whenever they watched movies together, and those passionate scenes came on, her parents usually just pretends everything is normal or switched the channel without explanation.

And so one day, when Ashley was trying to decline Tylar's request, he made a compromise and asked her to send him some of her selfies instead-- the kind without clothes on. In her desperation to keep her relationship with Tylar, Ashley took a few photos of herself, but deep down, she was angry that she couldn't talk to her Mother about it...

What Ashley didn't understand is that Maddie's own fear of relationships & her emotions were the only things blocking them from connecting deeply to have heart-to-heart conversations about everything...

The truth is most of what you struggle with as a Mom could have been prevented if you had an open & trusting relationship with your children.

Many parents believe they are protecting their children from harm by not telling their children about crimes, betrayal & sex. This strategy may have worked in the past, but as our children now growing up in an informational world, what you aren't talking about & sharing with your children at home, they are learning about these topics from other sources-- may it be from the internet, the shows they watch, or the children on the school bus... And in most cases, the information they are receiving is toxic.

Do you struggle with connecting with your children after a toxic love?

Or, maybe, you have a good relationship with your children

but you'd like to make it better?

A toxic love is a love that hurt you in the past no matter if it's from your past intimate relationship or from your childhood.

Leaving these past emotional wounds untreated often creates blockages later on in our relationship with our children.

As a Mom, you are like a life coach for your children,

you have to teach & prepare your children for life as much as you can;

and that is why, whatever you are not comfortable with facing & talking to your children about,

will make your children feel unsafe to talk to you when they struggle with it

or worse, got into a toxic relationship/friendship themselves.

Are you ready to prevent Maddie & Ashley's story from happening in your life?

Or, if it already happened to you, are you ready to start healing the wound between you??

This one-on-one coaching opportunity is for you,

if you are a Mom who is ready to face the uncomfortable truth to prevent the worst in your children's life,

and help you heal the relationship within your heart & in your relationship with your children.

You can now schedule a call with Mina to see if her Creative Healing Method is the right fit for you.

(Limited spots left for 2024, get your spot secured now!)

I want to help you raise your children to be more resilient

starting with loving yourself fully

Mina was too a Mom who struggled a lot in silence & didn't know what to do. Until her life fell apart which forced her to make a massive change in her life as a Mom to rebuild an unshakable LOVE foundation in her family.

And now Mina wants to help you transform yourself & your relationship with your children with her Creative Healing Methodology.

You can learn more about why Mina wants to help you heal your relationship with your children from her own story.

Imagine what life will look like when your children are willing

to open their hearts to share their thoughts with you

like they used to when they were younger...

It doesn't have to take years for you to start seeing the change in your relationship with your children,

you can start seeing the shifts within 3 months.

If You’ve Read This Far...

You owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one idea in Legacy Mom Coaching experience…

turns your Mom life into a fulfilling and love-recharging machine,

giving you and your family emotional freedom for life?

What if just one strategy in LMC…

helps you touch the heart & souls of your children and their children's children?

What if just one technique in LMC…

optimize your hours at home per week? What impact will that have on your relationship with each of your children, and your love life, and change how you feel about yourself forever?

What would those changes realistically be worth to you over a lifetime?

$5,000, $20,000, $50,000, or more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

STOP settling in love of any kind.

Start making the difference you were born to make.

And be the Mom that leaves

the legacy kind of love In Your Family Lineage

It's never TOO late to rewrite the love story between you & your kids...

Get Started Now

"You are not your mistakes. They are what you did. Not who you are."

—Lisa Lieberman-Wang

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