Who is Mina Love?

I have a TRANSPARENCY policy that I operate in my home & in my business.

I am super picky on who I learn from, as I have been disappointed by people I looked up to in the past.

And that is partially why therapy/counseling/schools didn't work out so greatly for me.

What you’ll learn from me is based in experience, not theory-- someone who went through it, tested and is still growing from these life lessons.

I understand what I teach is extremely personal & something most people want to keep in private.

That is why I understand your need to know who I am and why you should learn from me, and that is the only reason that,

as a private person, I share myself & my story so openly online (oh, trust me, it took a lot of healing as a survivor to get here! lol).

Mina is an international best-selling author,

a (self)Love coach for Moms, & an artist

but she is also

A Warrior

With The Rebirth Power Of A Phoenix

She believes we have all the strength within us to transform ourselves.

After she discovered her husband was a perpetrator of child sexual abuse, she hit rock bottom, and so she started analyzing her life obsessively in order to heal herself & free herself from all the limiting beliefs + disempowering cultural programmings she was taught growing up so she could liberate herself from the mental prison she trapped herself in.

She was determined to heal her heart ASAP so she can show her children how to be emotionally resilient no matter what was in their past.

She is an active seeker to grow


She reads many self-help books, works with a coach, participates in tons of online courses, attends workshops & seminars, so she could learn how to effectively & strategically transform her life & help others transform their lives.

She has learned from many famous international teachers such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and as a student in KBB, UPW, Business Mastery, DWD, Leadership Academy & MindValley.

She believes in the power of self-education & she is constantly learning.

& spiritually

She signed up for years of one-on-one coaching to help heal her relationship wounds, learn true intimacy, attended & was teaching in Intimacy Retreats in Tulum twice during the pandemic, and she is certified as a Reiki Master in January of 2021, and attended workshops taught by international renown author & spiritual teacher Joy Gardner.

Still, she felt most connected with the Divine being in the Nature & when she is creating, so this is what she incorporates into her teaching.

(Yes, she is a tree-hugger lol)

she is driven to heal as fast as she can so she can help her children

find peace & happiness again

This is 4 years ago...

That was the darkest part of their lives.

She had just found out about the deep betrayal of her husband of 11 years, and a month after he was in police custody under investigation, he committed suicide.

Her life crumbled and she had to go from a dependant wife, a part-time photographer to a 32-year-old widow & a full-time single Mom, with two young children who were in a lot of emotional pain, in need of healing.

This is 4 years later...

After investing all her energy into personal growth & healing, learning how to be emotionally there for her children, keep the household together, while building an impact-driven company... it was challenging but the most fulfilling time of her life.

The time, money & efforts she took to navigate that roadmap to free herself from that emotional turbulence during healing was well worth it for the unconditional loving relationships she shares with her children today.

She is a lover of LOVE & Beauty


Photography taught her the ability to find the light, change perspectives in the angles we view subjects, and frame the scenery strategically into a beautiful memorable piece of art.

That skill & mindset saved her life as it helped her see beauty during the darkest time, it helps her see the silver linings in every difficult situations.

superpower is

She believes in the power of


It helps LIBERATE our true selves.

And as a woman, when we embrace our body, remove shame from our sensuality & accept our imperfections,

we then become unshakably empowered & confident.

seeing the natural

She has learned that the events that we think broke us actually just

breaking apart our false self so that our Golden Self can then be seen & freed.

Things aren't happening to you, in fact, they are all happening for you so you can transform into the most glorious & powerful you.

beauty in you

When she was a family photographer, she didn't understand why most women don't see how beautiful they really are as she has captured for them;

but after she mastered personal beliefs & mindsets, she learned the keys to helping people see their true value through her lens and/or her coaching.

She discovered the HIDDEN power in Creativity

is the gem for Rapid Healing

& creating the life we DREAM of!

She Believes Creative Expressions

grants us the FREEDOM we seek...

It is NOT about what we create at all.

Most creative people get trapped in the mental prison of comparison & perfectionism.

Like she once was, for decades.


It's about getting out of your head & getting into your emotions...

Creative Expressions provide a safe space for us to reflect, to heal, to recover from this perfectionist world.

It is all about the PROCESS of releasing & trusting & allowing us to become


Mina is passionate about

Helping Moms reclaim her POWER AS A MOM after a toxic relationship,

to help her heal & parent better so she can create an unshakable love with her children.

Through her own personal journey, she realized that

it doesn't matter how accomplished or beautiful other people think we are,

if we don't see our own beauty & worth, we won't know our innate value.

She is determined to help other motivated women like her

to reclaim their personal power,

so she will not easily put herself in toxic situations again,

or pleasing & trusting others more than towards herself.

or chasing after unavailable love again.

She wants to share the lasting solution

she found in her journey and make learning & healing an

enjoyable & memorable adventure!

Because becoming

your most authentic & empowered self

is the secret to creating an unshakable love with your children!

some other things mina is crazy about

Coffee, tea & food!

A day that starts with a caramel macchiato or oat latte is a fabulous day in her dictionary ;)

She is a huge FOODIE.

Her grandfather was a fantastic cook so she does have a pretty spoiled taste bud.

She is often seen cooking up some witchy goodies in her kitchen, sharing healing foods with her friends & neighbors!

Fabulous Picnics!

She has everything one would need for a fancy old-fashioned picnic!

From a chunky unpractical pretty picnic basket to multiple choices of blankets, to multiple tea sets for a spontaneous high tea in the garden or at a park! 😉

So if you are also a fan of picnics, you know where to find a partner-in-crime!

Bathtime Rituals!

She loves spending her Mi-Time in her roman bathtub for hours.

With soy candles burning, petals in the tub, a good book, a nice herbal tea brewing, and classical music playing...

Or sometimes, it's time to transform into a bathroom Diva singing her emotions out, or simply enjoy her alone time watching comedy standups on her phone!

Flower Frenzy!

Even after 6 years living in Japan, she's still not tired of taking hundreds of pictures of Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) with her professional camera every Spring!

She is often spotted taking pictures of flowers, stalking around flower bushes, furthermore, she even smells, smiles, talks & flirts with various trees & flowers... 😆



1 / 3

"Mina made me feel very beautiful and comfortable. She really helped me get more into my body and out of my head.
Through this experience, I am now more aware of how I judge myself, and after Mina's coaching, now I feel more beautiful and not comparing myself to others as much.
I will gladly recommend this to every woman!"

1 / 3

some of the certificate from my previous trainings

I have also completed many energy healing workshops, intimacy retreats, masterminds

& a Reiki Master intensive training

(which I can not find the certificate atm... lol)

When you align your emotion (energy)

with what you desire

without resistance,

everything will flow & blossom effortlessly.

a glance into mina's life

She now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her children,

enjoying their imperfectly magical life! 💖

Want to invite mina as a guest speaker to share her story?

Ready to spice up your personal transformation?

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along."

—Eleanor Roosevelt

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