We are here to help women see her own worth & value,

and giving her creative tools to recognise her patterns,

to release old emotions that kept her stuck,

so she can create her new empowering story

and to help her

fully seeing & owning her natural power within.

We Believe that

the path to

personal freedom

doesn't have to be serious & painful,

it can be magical & fun,

it begins the moment we start challenging our mindsets.


We believe the healing journey can be a joy ride

full of exciting adventures,

it is a never-ending self-discovering process 

for us to learn, to experience, to love, to CREATE

& to transform into the best versions of ourselves.

We believe that none of us are broken,

our souls are completely pure & wholesome

as the day we were born.

We came here with all that we needed to thrive.

But the problem is that humans have been living

in survival mode for too long,

that we have mastered how to settle,

we forgot how to live in bliss

as we are created to be.


We walked around feeling lost,

forgetting our true divine powers,

and wonder why we don't fit in.

It charges your soul to connect from a heart place with women who understand & support you on your healing journey.

It is time to step up and shine your light unapologetically.
Creative expression helps you reflect on yourself in a more interesting way to practice self-acceptance.

So our studio provides as a safe & sacred space

for you to express yourself

to release what's been making you feel stuck,

and to help you be fully in love with yourself,

all while making meaningful connections

to support one another,

and to help you create a sanctuary within you.

We share our creative healing practices, 

like crafts, arts & photography,

as tools to help you

see yourself in a new way, 

to identify & delete the thoughts that have trapped you,

to help you free yourself

to reclaim your powers,

and to create the most wonderful version of YOU!

Furthermore, we wish to promote a Creative Lifestyle,

and make it a new normal for everyone to uplevel the mental wellness standard for this overwhelmed & stressful world.

Because we know when you tap into your natural creative flow,

it will help you connect to your true self.


You do not need any previous training in art, 

As the Art you'll create here

is about Self Expression, Healing & manifestation practice.

It is but a tool to help you,

to listen to your heart

& express who you are


Are you ready to fall more in love with who you are?

Do you learn how to shift your default emotional level at a state of peace & gratitude? We will teach you how to practice it in a playful & feminine way.

Ready to Begin the new era of your life?

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters."

—Audrey Hepburn