Change How You See Things,

You Change

How You See Yourself;

Change How You See Yourself,

You Change

The World Around You.

Change How You See Things,

You Change

How You See Yourself;

Change How You See Yourself,

You Change

The World Around You.

We are passionate about helping women own her true powers

by seeing her own worth & value,

and giving her the tools to rescue herself

so she can create her new Dream life

and build

meaningful relationships.

We Believe that

the path to

Personal Freedom

doesn't have to be serious & painful,

it can be magical & fun,

it begins the moment we start challenging our mindsets.

We believe it is every Mothers (or future Mothers)' responsibility to

teach our children how to live a life of purpose

& how to navigate through our human emotions

by leading the way through example & inspire them.

And that is why,

we are dedicated to empower Moms.

The respected, loved & the co-creator of human beings.

It is time to step up and shine your light unapologetically.
Creative expression helps you reflect on yourself in a more interesting way to practice self-acceptance.

Our studio guarantees to provide a safe & sacred space

for you to explore deeper within yourself

to release the emotional obstacles that has kept you stuck,

to help you be fall in love with yourself

layer by layer,

all while making meaningful connections

in supporting one another

& build stranger bond with your own children.

Our Creative Healing Method

was designed by our Creator Mina

to use our normal daily activities as tools to help you

heal your relationship wounds, 

help you free yourself from your excessive criticism & limiting beliefs,

so you can reclaim your personal power back,

and to create the most wonderful life for you & your children!


it is our vision to make the Creative Healing Lifestyle the norm.

Helping our next generation live a conscious & meaningful life,

so together,

we will create a safer, kinder & more loving world of the future.


We are here to help you express who you truly are


Are you ready to fall more in love with who you are?

Do you learn how to shift your default emotional level at a state of peace & gratitude? We will teach you how to practice it in a playful & feminine way.

Ready to Begin the new era of your life?

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters."

—Audrey Hepburn

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