I choose to teach creative healing using Watercolor pencil

not only because it is a simple tool to start,

but also because it is the perfect representation of a balanced state in between

our own inner Yin (feminine) & Yang (masculine) energy,

as it is a water-based tool encased in a straight & firm pencil.

The video below is an example of how deep emotional wounds can be released in just ONE session

through our Creative Healing Magic Method, using watercolor pencil & markers.

What makes the CHMM so powerful is because, for someone to participate,

you do not need to try to explain, trying to decipher all the complicated emotions into human languages.

So much is often lost in translation from internal emotions into external words & sounds,

add on top of your need to build trust with the therapist or feel safe to write in a journal (that could be read by others accidentally),

and the filters you have due to societal conditioning (the voices telling you what is & is not "supposed" to be sad),

potentially adding additional shame & guilt in the process...

are some of the reasons why traditional talk therapy & journaling usually takes years for one to clear out one significant event.

Here's an example of how deep emotional wounded can be release in just one session through the Creative Healing Magic Method.

Mina's Favorite Picks:

It is worth investing in quality brands/products as they will last for a long time and you don't want anything not working smoothly (not causing any distractions) when you are facing, unwrapping & releasing an event that had hurt you greatly in the past.

I LOVE Staedtler branded watercolor pencil as it always works beautifully.

Staedtler Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor Pencils, Set of 60 Colors (125M60)

I LOVE using markers helps in defining the outlines, setting intentions and as a finisher to help transmute all the pain into power.

12 White Acrylic Paint Markers Medium Tip and 12 Gold & Silver Permanent Oil Based Paint Markers

Sharpie 15661PP King Size Permanent Marker

I have different size papers in my studio, I like the smaller ones for on the go, however, it is truly freeing to practice creative healing on a really big surface, as it provides more freedom & space for me to explore my deep emotional world.

Canson 7022446 XL Series Watercolor Textured Paper Pad for Paint 140 Pound, 11" x 15"

Foldable Silicone Water Cup for Travel 

I love painting in the Nature, it is profoundly healing just being in the Nature, so it works as a great bonus for practicing creative healing. And this amazing bag has made it so easy for me to pack up everything that I need & organized in a short time!

Pencil Case Holder Slot - Holds 202 Colored Pencils or 136 Gel Pens with Zipper Closure - Large Capacity Pen Organizer for Watercolor Pens or Markers 

below are the more extended lists

for you to select what will work best for you!

Creativity is used as a sanctuary to help you safely process & regulate your emotions, helping you transmute negative emotions to something beautiful

Our Recommended Supplies:

For Your Release Emotional Toxin Sessions

Beginner Set:

To start, you can invest as little as the few supplies below.

My aim is to make your releasing sessions as easy & playful as possible. During the pandemic, I have also even experimented creating using old makeup that I found during spring cleaning. What matters most, is your intention to let go and free yourself emotionally.

And once you feel how powerful these practices are you may just want to invest in more quality products to make your experience more enjoyable! 😉

Staedtler Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor Pencils, Set of 24 Colors

Gold & Silver Metallic Paint Pens

Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers, Fine & Ultra-Fine Points

Arteza 9x12" Expert Watercolor Pad, 32 Sheets (140lb/300gsm)

Watercolor Pencil Sets:

There are many brands out there, but Staedtler has my heart as it was my very first set from when I was in High school, sadly, the pencils no longer smells the same as the newer ones (perhaps a different type of wood/factory). Staedtler is a brand from Germany, and their watercolor pencils are recommended by many artists as they dissolve really well, unlike some other brands (which is really important for the sessions) and the colors are also really beautiful.

Staedtler Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor Pencils, Set of 24 Colors

Staedtler Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor Pencils, Set of 60 Colors (125M60)

Watercolor Paper/Notebooks:

With watercolor paper, I do not have a preference on any brands as of now, as long as you make sure the paper is for watercolor & is 140lb/300gsm so the paper can withstand the amount of water, paint & strength applied during your releasing sessions.

Arteza 5.5x8.5 Inch Watercolor Pad, Pack of 3, 90 Sheets 140lb/300gsm

Arteza Watercolor Paper Pad Expert, Watercolor Sketchbook 9x12 inch, Pack of 2


I've used artist brushes and it's important to get quality ones so the hair would not come off during your release sessions causing distraction; however, I personally LOVE all the special themed pretty makeup brushes, (like Harry Potter & the Mermaid ones! 🤩🙌), they are fun to use, soft and since they were meant for makeup, the hair stays on very well too! That being said, you can totally just reuse your old makeup brushes as well! 😉

Remember, releasing stored negative emotions can be a very sensitive and, sometimes, triggering process, that is why it is important to invest in products that make your releasing session as enjoyable as possible!

Below I listed a bunch of fun options for you to choose!

Pocket Paint Brush Set - 7 Artists' Paint Brushes for Watercolor

Harry Potter Wand Gifts Makeup Brushes Set

Sailormoon Makeup Brushes Set - 8pcs

5-piece Anime Makeup Brush Set Corpse Bride Makeup Tools Christmas Eve Gift 

Marvel Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brushes Kit 6pcs Beautiful Girl Warrior Makeup Brush

Other Supplies:

Cups to hold your water, you can simply get a mason jar, an old mug, or ask for a coffee cup if you are out from a coffee shop, however, you can also invest in a foldable cup as well:

Foldable Silicone Water Cup for Travel 

You will need art tape to hold your paper in place during your session, especially since it could get intense and having the tape to secure everything can reduce unnecessary distractions for you:

TSSART 3 Pack White Artist Tape