How Doodling Can Help You Free Yourself

I have always felt trapped & not fitting in.

No matter where I live. I didn't felt truly safe to express the full capacity of me.

I am going to be transparent & honest here.

I was afraid of my emotions.

Especially I was not allowed to express my negative emotions as a child.

So after years of being punished for express my displease to situations, I learned to suppress all of my emotions.

This is why people do what they do.

Our childhood experiences taught us how to cope in this world to make the people we love happy to be loved or to keep us safe.

Allowing yourself to express your emotions is another way to set yourself free, and art serves as a safe container.

How doodling can help us through conflicts

Today I had a heated conversation with my daughter. Most of it is due to bad timing, the fact that she tried to bring up something she learned from her therapist while she's sitting next to me in her distance learning "classroom" and I was in my "office" just got off a training with my business coach.

I was fired up from what I just learned, and about to jump into action, yes, very much in my masculine fire mode to get some problems solved and sooooooo... when she opened up to share what she had learned about emotional boundary, I was in a let's fix-it mode and of course it totally backfired.

Feeling very frustrated after the heated conversation, I felt like the World's Worst Mom-ever, and couldn't get back to work with that upsetting emotions. I know I had to release that anger, frustration & guilt somewhere, so I can let go of the stress and tension before it settles into my body.

So I started doodling & recorded the process.

Watch this video to experience it with me :)

Be Mindful With Art: episode 1

All those trapped emotions...

Allow it to be raw & unrefined.

Allow it to be released.

Allow it to be free.

I think this is the personal freedom we all seek.

To be our truest self.

To be able to express freely despite fears.

But the only way to start living freely is to let your emotions out in a way that doesn’t cause serious consequences by first giving yourself a container to be free in and slowly expand your comfort zone.

And art serves as just that for us.

A safe structure to express fully, to show pieces of you, and to be wild.

Creative Expression helps us to appreciate the beauty among the mess😍🙏💖

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