"Enough is enough. It's over."

that was the first thought I had on that late night that changed my life forever.

Me & my late partner had been arguing more & more for months, and I had been pondering if I should stay or leave everything behind for the past two years...

I knew we were slowly growing apart but I didn't want my children to lose their chance of growing up in the same house with both of their parents, I didn't want to see them lose their smiles...

It was a painful decision... as I had put my heart & soul into that picture of "happy family" for the past decade of my life as any overachiever would. It was hard to let go.

But in that moment of decision, I felt a sense of relieve... a glimpse of inner peace that I hadn't felt for a long time...

In a strange way, his betrayal helped set me FREE from the pain of my inner battle.

That warrior part of me knew that I WILL create a new life,

a BETTER life for me & my children.

I'll do whatever it takes.

And so we packed up our stuff & moved on to the next chapter of our life.

A life of Freedom.

Or so I thought...

But, starting your life anew isn't that easy, is it?

Along with our household shipments, came with the overwhelming doubts, reminders of his betrayals & the sorrow from my self-pity...

I was desperate to create that better life with my children in a new town without their Father...

But I did not want to spend years in talk therapy or close my heart due to the fear of being with another manipulative toxic partner.

And I knew, as a Mother,

THE ONLY WAY to show my children how to be happy again no matter what happened

was by modeling my own inner peace & joy to them.

(We can't fake it because they are always watching...)


And that is when I started my search, my studying & everything else I've created! :)