I am...

I am beautiful

I am not pretty enough

I am not good at remembering names

I am great at...

I am bad at...

I am...


What we talked about ourselves repeatedly becomes our identity.


We all constantly seeking to identify ourselves to feel a sense of belonging but then struggle with the limitations that come with it;

For with every label, we put ourselves into a category.

My Dear Goddesses,


But I know you are more than that.

Don’t limit yourself & your potential. You are more than your name tag, your job titles, your status in life.

It happens the moment you choose to agree with this belief.

Because you CAN be more than what you thought you could do; the evidence lays in your past, haven’t you already gone farther than you thought you ever could?

So be careful with the words you say about yourself.

Like the Universe, you don’t actually know your limits for you have not yet explored the totality of you✨❤️