Once upon a time...

You felt so special, You felt so loved, You felt so adored just being you, You felt like that one & only...

Then the voices from the outside world started breaching into your (sub)consciousness, showing you images of what a perfect woman should look like and brainwashing you over & over how you are not special enough, pretty enough, and perfect enough.

Then someone lied, someone broke that unconditional trust you had in your heart, someone tinted your world and you felt your heart was broken.

You learned to hide in the background, you learned how to blend in, you learned how to hide your spark so you don’t stand out, or, you’ve learned to put on the armors & wield the swords to keep yourself safe...

My dear Goddesses,

You are not alone in feeling the need to protect yourself from harm.

I’ve learned all sorts of ways to defend myself from being hurt again

after I was molested as a little child by boys who were only slightly older than me.

In fact, according to survey researches, no matter what job positions, professions, life situations, or country you live in,

1 in 5 women experienced a form of sexual harassment or assault if not more.

The problem with these traumatic events would force us to close off our hearts, to protect ourselves even more than normal.

And the side effect of this survival instinct would lead us to shut down a huge part of what makes us powerful:

As women, Our Femininity is the source of our power & our natural magnetic charm,

It is the irresistible force, our Goddess self, with her hearts, open wide.

That is why when a woman completely surrenders & trusts herself to be who she already is through laughing, playing, and feeling her blissful joy unapologetically is so attractive & magnetic.

This is tour true self that we need to be awakened to, no matter what had happened to us in our life journey, we are & we deserve to be this powerful Self because it is the way that will help us create the life of our dreams 💕

So starting today,

accept your past, know in your heart that whatever had happened had made you so much stronger, and believe that you do deserve the best life, and start acting like the badass Goddess that you are!

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