Selfie Culture

Do you take sexy selfies❓

Or do you find the selfie culture egocentric❓

I think a #Selfie is just a tool, as makeup and other beauty products, it can be used to empower us or disempower us.

It all depends on why you take the picture?

And what do you want to get from it?

It's just like the difference between taking a picture of a flower for social media likes or simply appreciate its beauty & capturing the moment.

The intention is everything.

It doesn’t really have to be used for dating or even marketing, though it is a fantastic skill to learn for that in today's world

I use it to record myself to help me keep track of my personal growth progress

or to make an artistic statement 😁

I didn't realize the little number of pictures I take of myself with my kiddos, until 2 years ago, when my ex passed away due to suicide.

What if we use selfie culture to use as a tool for self care? join us to learn how


Because I didn’t look as thin as I wanted to, because I was “waiting” until I look better, or feel better about myself...

As a #Mom, I noticed how many other women also don’t take many pictures of themselves, it is all because of how much we judge ourselves for not being where we want to be;

so that’s why I believe if we all learn how to take better pictures of ourselves (that we like & still looks like us) to build our confidence in front of the lens, it would benefit more than just for our own happiness level but also, in the long run, so we will have more photos for our children later on💖

That’s a win-win in my dictionary😘

📸comment below and let me know what is the challenges you face when taking a picture of yourself?