What is Healing Arts?

For me, Art is a way of life, like breathing.

It is everywhere and in everything.

I believe Creativity is an innate power that we all have inside each of us.

However, most of us have emotional injuries in creating art.

We either feel we are completely not artistic, not talented at all Or if we are the those who love arts & crafts, we can get blocked or not reaching our full potential by the fear, self-doubt & feeling not (talented/skillful/experienced) enough because of our social conditioning.

Sometimes, we put ART & being an Artist, a Photographer, a Dancer, a Musician, or any type of creative professional on such a pedestal with high expectations that caused us to not feel good enough to pursue the field, another level or even just to try.

I was fascinated by the idea of being an Artist since I was a child, but at the same time I was too intimated by the high expectations of its title from society/the world; so much that I forgot, we all start somewhere and we all possess our own unique creative talent & style.

So while I was on my personal healing journey, I had to dig deeper into all of my self-limiting beliefs that are preventing me from becoming who I am meant to be.

As I stop focusing on what I cannot yet do and recognizing that the only way to fix the feeling of "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" is by simply to keep learning, getting more tools under my belt, sharpening my tools often, lots of practice, and loads of self pep talks.

Here are some of the benefits of Healing Arts:

I created a Sanctuary in my home, a home studio for me to feel safe to create without worrying about judgments, to experiment with different materials, to have fun again exploring different forms of Art.

In the audiobook "The Power of Vulnerability" by Brené Brown, she talks about the people who live whole-heartedly that are happy & resilient in life (that she encountered in her research), they all do something creative in life.

When I heard about that research, it was one of those moments in my life where my (personal development research) life journey led me back to my love of Art.

I found Art is a simple & easy way for us to start healing ourselves, to explore & express who we truly are, to find inspiration for life through Art & vice versa, and to feel the sense of accomplishment and at the same time feeling great about ourselves when we learn new tips & skills to create something new.

Plus, when we focus on making art, whether it's through painting, drawing, singing, dancing, or playing instruments, we lose ourselves in the moment. Which is very meditative, to release our stress, to remind ourselves that life is more than the day-to-day busy mundane life, and to remember once again how beautiful life is.

I truly believe there needs to be more encouragement & compassion we give to one another as a society, and for that to happen, it needs to start from within each of us; for the only way to rid of the fear of judgments & be more encouraging is first to stop judging ourselves.

So consistently attending classes like our weekly virtual workshops is a great way to start the change!!